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2121 Instant Change

"Annie…" Tang Lang and Feng Xiaoxiao were stunned as they called out her name.

Tang Ye was shocked. Even Yun Shen did not expect this as well.

Ning Xi's mouth was wide open as she stared at the face in the picture. She could not say anything.


How could it be Annie!?

However, the girl in the frame looked young and almost no different from Annie. All of them recognized her in one glance.

Annie had a small frame. She was skilled in healthcare and was an expert at skin care. She never really changed ever since Ning Xi knew her.

Ning Xi never expected that after spending so much time to recover the security footage, it would reveal such jaw-dropping information to her!

Before this, she had imagined countless possibilities and guesses, and Annie was never a part of any of them.

"T-this is impossible! It cannot be my cute Annie!" Feng Xiaoxiao swiftly snatched the phone away from Lu Tingxiao and played the video again.

No matter how many times she played it, it still showed the ever-so-familiar face of the little sister everyone loved, Annie.

"Damn! Boss, are you sure this is reliable?" Tang Lang scratched his head.

Lu Tingxiao did not say a word, but his expression answered the question for him.

He had personally led a team of professionals to work on the video for two weeks to recover it, so there was no way it could be a mistake.

As everyone was shocked by the results...

The door of the elevators at the end of the corridor opened and the pattering of footsteps came closer.

"Bro Xi!"

The cute little girl wore a cotton dress and she called out to Ning Xi when she saw her, walking swiftly towards their direction.

Ning Xi's back straightened when she saw Annie.

The expressions on Tang Lang, Tang Ye, and Feng Xiaoxiao's faces changed. Tang Lang unconsciously stepped forward and stood before Ning Xi, putting up a defensive stance.

Annie noticed that something was not right. She paused a few steps before Ning Xi, her eyes seeming hesitant. "Bro Xi, Bro Ye, Sis Xiaoxiao... What's wrong? Oh, Bro Xi, who's sick?"

Tang Lang and Feng Xiaoxiao looked at each other in the eyes.

Tang Ye pursed his lips, having no idea what to say.

No one said a word as an odd silence crept over the corridor.

Then, Lu Tingxiao took his phone back from Feng Xiaoxiao before going to Annie and handing the phone to her.

"Mr. Lu?" Annie took the phone and then looked at it.

The footage of the hospital morgue was rolling…

When Annie looked at it, she saw the exact moment the person turned around.

At the exact moment, the expression of this cute little girl changedin front of all of them…

She still had that innocent and naive face, yet the expression on her face was sheer chilly. A dark aura engulfed her eyes as a murderous intent flooded out from her, filling the whole corridor with bloodlust!