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2106 Prince Charming Is Taken

Above them was a sky full of stars. All around, the colorful lanterns lent the lawn a layer of dreamy brilliance.

In the middle of the venue, the handsome man and the girl before him, who was just as splendid and moving as a blazing sun, had quietly fixed their sights on each other.

This scene was as beautiful as a fairy tale.

When they saw Lu Tingxiao's gentle kiss as he embraced Ning Xi, and heard Lu Tingxiao murmur that extremely loving word "milady", those heiresses, who were nit-picking on Ning Xi's outfit earlier, were all dumbstruck.

Eliza was initially still bitter over Ning Xi overestimating her capabilities and stealing her man, but at this moment, her sweet and delicate little face looked as if she had just seen a ghost. She stared blankly at the two people who were being intimate as if nothing could come between them.

In the meantime, behind them, Li Muyan had an expression that did not need to be elaborated upon.

The woman with Lu Tingxiao on whom he doted, that legendary Madam Lu... was actually... Ning Xi!

Earlier, Ning Xi's words were not an excuse to get out of trouble. She was really, really... married...

After a short silence, there was a commotion.

"Oh my God! Ning... Ning Xi is Madam Lu!"

"Lu Tingxiao's wife is Ning Xi? This is extremely shocking!"


In that instant, everyone seemed to have suddenly understood why Ning Xi would wear such a vibrant color tonight.

She was the wife of the esteemed guest!

Apart from her, no one else would have the right to wear such a color and such an outfit!

The funny thing was that all of them had even deliberately dressed carefully, afraid of stealing the Madam's limelight although no one truly had the capability to steal this Madam Lu's limelight.

Lu Tingxiao naturally let the girl hold on to his arm, and his gaze swept across everyone present before announcing the start of the banquet, "Thank you, everyone, for coming today. It's the honor of my wife and I. We hope everyone has a delightful night."


When they saw that their Prince Charming was taken, they were really delighted. 

The fangirls who had especially come over to see Lu Tingxiao were all forcefully stuffed with the display of affection, so much so that they were about to weep from the torture.

To the public eye, Lu Tingxiao had always been distant from women's charms. He had an untouchable image, and there was even a time when many people thought that he liked men.

Who would have thought that after all the silence would come such a huge surprise? He had been keeping it in for the big move to publicly display his affection. It was such a savage move that it terrified everyone!

"How could this be?! How could it be Ning Xi?!"

"Even though Ning Xi is very beautiful, yeah, I admit that, but to consider her identity and her family background, she wouldn't be a match for Lu Tingxiao, would she?"

"Exactly! If it were the Second Master's wife, I could still sort of understand, but this is the position of the head lady of the Lu family!"

Helplessly, no matter how unconvinced they were, this was already a fact that was set in stone.

Even if they were unwilling to admit it, the pair of the fine-looking couple in front of them really looked pleasing no matter how they gawked.

A group of heiresses was still mumbling skeptically when some murmurs rippled from the entrance.

"Ah! It's Elder Chief Zhuang!" Someone cried out.

The elder's hair was silver white, yet he appeared healthy with a hearty spirit. Even if he was not wearing his military uniform, he still had a natural air of hardship on him that came from the battleground. While the middle-aged man beside him had a similar aura, he was even sharper and colder, and his eagle eyes had a terrifying luster in them.

On the left of Zhuang Zhongren was Zhuang Liaoyuan, and on the right was Meng Linlang in a qipao , looking elegant and graceful with an outstanding aura as always.

Behind them, there was also the composed and beautiful Zhuang Keer in a couture gown from Spirit, and Zhuang Rongguang who stood tall and straight in his military uniform.

One could say that this family was excellent at attracting eyeballs. Instantly, everyone's gazes turned towards them.