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2060 How About We Hug Too?

Without Orlando's nagging, Ning Xi's last few days in Lorraine City was spent feeling exceptionally free and contented.

Spirit had long been prepared to be a listed company. Everything was in order. This time, riding the wave of shining at Lorraine Fashion Week, in a spurt of energy, they successfully made their mark in Wall Street.

On that day, Tang Lang strongly hinted to Ning Xi to treat him to a nice meal.

"CEO Tang! It doesn't make sense if you don't treat me to this meal, does it?" Tang Lang held his chin and looked like he was determined to rip her off.

Ning Xi rolled her eyes at him. "I will treat you! Of course! But where's the fun in just the two of us having a meal together!? I heard Third Senior Sister say that she and First Senior Brother are in Lorraine too. How about we call them over too? We haven't gotten together in a long time!"

Tang Lang shrugged. "Sure, I've no opinion. The two bosses up there are temporarily agreeing now, so what else do we little bandits have to say?"

Previously, because Lu Tingxiao and Yun Shen's relationship was tense, to avoid arousing suspicion, they had almost never met up in secret, and now, no one knew what the two sides had secretly reached an agreement on, but they actually surprised everyone by making peace.

"Hehe, then I'll call them over!" Ning Xi happily called Feng Xiaoxiao.

On the other end of the phone, when Feng Xiaoxiao heard that Ning Xi wanted to treat them to a meal, she quickly agreed and even promised to bring First Senior Brother along too.

Half an hour later, the fellow apprentices met up at a crossing.

"Oh! Little Junior Sister! Come here, let me hug you! Senior Sister has missed you so much!" Once Feng Xiaoxiao went over, she immediately ran to Ning Xi and gave her a huge bear hug.

"Third Senior Sister, I really missed you too!" Ning Xi had emotionally hugged her back.

On the side, Tang Lang raised his brows as he watched Ning Xi and Feng Xiaoxiao embrace. He faintly smiled to Tang Ye across him who wore his gold-framed spectacles and seemed expressionless as always. "First Senior Brother, how about... we hug too?"

Then, he slyly opened up his arms.

As expectedly, what came as a reply was Tang Ye's gaze as if he had just seen an idiot.

Tang Lang clutched his chest and pretended to be hurt. "Oh, I'm devastated... It looks like First Senior Brother didn't miss me at all..."

The instant he finished, Tang Lang suddenly took a step forward and held the shoulders of the man across him and pulled him into an embrace. "Even though First Senior Brother is so heartless, I still do miss him a lot..."

Tang Ye's expression turned stiff in an instant. Almost reflexively, he was about to make a move, but in the end, his hand hung mid-air, then he put down his hand as if to compromise.

Tang Lang seemed to have expected this. He grinned, knowing that he got away with it.

"Let's go, let's go! I'll bring you guys to eat a super fancy meal! It's my treat today, so feel free to order as you wish!" Ning Xi said happily.

Feng Xiaoxiao rubbed Ning Xi's fair and tender little face. "Oh, Little Junior Sister, you are so capable! You became a CEO, married Mr. Perfect, and reach life's pinnacle! Wait till I abandon the life of an outlaw, then I can roll with you!"

"No problem!"

The four of them walked in a line as they chatted and made their way towards a certain high-class restaurant in Lorraine.

On the way there, Tang Lang had his arms slung sloppily over Tang Ye's shoulders as he chatted. Suddenly, someone stuck a leg out before his feet, and he did not notice, so he tripped and almost fell.

"What the heck!? Who's this!?" Tang Lang instantly shouted angrily.

In the corner of a wall stood a man who was unkempt and looked like a beggar. The man used a newspaper to cover his face. It was his lean, long leg that had tripped Tang Lang earlier.

Tang Lang rolled up his sleeves and was about to settle the score with that person when...

A wind blew past and the newspaper on the man's face suddenly fell, revealing an extremely beautiful face.

Tang Lang instantly widened his eyes as if he had just seen a ghost. "Damn it! Grandfather! You... Why are you here?"