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2055 Founder of Spiri


W-What did she mean?

Ning Xi's casual remark caused a ripple of shock among the reporters as well as the crowd around.

Ning Xueluo's face turned pale all of a sudden.

What did Ning Xi say?

Poach her guy!

Did Gong Shangze even call her... Boss?!

How was that possible!?

She must be mistaken!

Something must be wrong!

"Ms. Ning Xi! What does your remark mean?"

"What do you mean by CEO Ning poaching your guy right in front of you?"

"Could it be... You're Spirit's…"

As the reporters surrounded Ning Xi frantically, Gong Shangze's deep voice boomed in the chaos.

"Ms. Ning Xi is my boss. She's the founder of Spirit!"

Everyone was stunned by Gong Shangze's confirmation.

"Damn! The owner of Spirit is Ning Xi?"

"How shocking!"

"No wonder Ning Xi never took on any endorsements for clothing brands! She has her own company!"

"The spokesperson for Spirit has always been Qiao Weilan, and since she works under Qin Shengyue, I've always thought that Spirit's owner was Qin Shengyue!"

"Not only did Ning Xi take away Qin Shengyue's best subordinate, she even found a genius like Gong Shangze!"

"Mr. Gong, you mean that Ms. Ning is your boss and the founder of Spirit?" A reporter asked him in disbelief.

Gong Shangze nodded and replied, "Back then, nobody believed what I said. With all hope lost and begging on the streets in Lorraine, Boss found me and believed in me. She brought me back to China and set up Spirit. She's supported me all the way till today…"

The reporters continued with the questions. "So, that's how it was?! How did you and Ms. Ning Xi meet?"

Gong Shangze pursed his lips. As though it was a fond memory of his, he said gently, "Back then, she bought a lot of clothes from History. When she passed by me, she gave me a sandwich because I kept staring at her…

"I noticed the clothes and realized that one of them was an unfinished draft of mine, but there were too many flaws, so I pointed them out. I was filled with anger and rage when I saw my half-finished work stolen. I criticized the clothing with a very bad attitude.

"No one would listen to a beggar saying such bad things... but Boss listened to me from the beginning till the end. She even listened to my whole story…"

Gong Shangze's eyes turned red when he thought about his past.

Everyone was attracted by the young man's story.

Gong Shangze took a deep breath and continued, "After that experience back then, I gave up hope. I couldn't design anything anymore, but the appearance of Boss gave me hope.

"On the way back to the country, as I thought I could never design anymore, I created the first work after going back. It was called 'Nirvana Reincarnated'. I received an award for it, giving me a whole new start…"

Everyone started to recognize the name. "Ah! So 'Nirvana Reincarnated' had such a story behind it! No wonder it packs so much power and impact!"