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688 Who Is This Woman?

On the second day.

Ling Zhizhi gave Hongda company a call when the clock struck nine in the morning. She wanted to talk to Hu Hongda himself. With such an awkward matter going viral, she would be glad if she could settle this through a phone call.

Hu Hongda had turned his phone off, so she could only reach him through his company.

"Hello, I’m Ling Zhizhi, a manager at Starlight Entertainment. Could you connect me to CEO Hu…"

Before she could finish, the receptionist quickly replied in a snobbish tone, "I’m sorry, CEO Hu strictly said that he would not see anyone or take any phone calls for these few days, especially anyone from the entertainment industry!"

The receptionist ended the call without saying anything else.

Ling Zhizhi decided to go to his company directly to meet him because this matter had to be settled as soon as possible without any more delays.

Coincidentally, the moment she reached Hongda company, Hu Hongda had just stepped out of his car, so she quickly went up to him.

"CEO Hu, please listen to me!"

Hu Hongda was about 40 years old but due to his alcoholic guzzling habit over the years, he was chubby and had a portly stomach. Together with his almost bald head, he looked completely different from when he married Ming Fangfang.

Hu Hongda looked at her unhappily. "Who are you?"

"I’m Ling Zhizhi and I'm from Starlight Entertainment!"

Hu Hongda’s expression changed the moment he heard her introduction.

Ling Zhizhi quickly continued after she saw his negative reaction. "CEO Hu, I know your time is precious, so I’ll be direct with you. Your Weibo posting last night caused a big misunderstanding. I hope you’ll help to clarify the truth."

Hu Hongda glanced at her and asked her casually, "Misunderstanding? What misunderstanding?"

"One of my artistes was misconstrued as the lady you’ve mentioned."

"Oh...so what?" Hu Hongda shrugged indifferently.

Judging by his tone of voice, Ling Zhizhi did not have a good feeling about this, but she still continued, "I hope you could put up another Weibo post to explain what is really going on."

"They are the ones who misunderstood. What does that have to do with me? Why do I need to explain?" Hu Hongda replied impatiently.

Ling Zhizhi knew that these rich businessmen could not care less about other people’s lives, even if they had involved someone innocent in their games. She could only be patient and lower her pride. "It won’t take you much time, just a few words on Weibo will do…"

As long as he posted something, everything would be solved.

As expected, Hu Hongda refused to budge. Instead, he acted rudely and yelled at her, "Not going to take much time? Do you know how much money I earn every minute? I don't care about some small hoo-ha in the entertainment industry. Do you think I’m not busy enough already? Where’s the security?"

As Hu Hongda was about to call the security team over, a red BMW came to a stop in front of them.

A woman in a custom-made champagne Prada dress came out of it, looking like a million bucks and emitting a strong aura around her.

She was Hu Hongda’s wife, Ming Fangfang.

Seeing Ling Zhizhi, a dark cloud passed over Ming Fangfang’s face. "Ling Zhizhi…"

"My dear wife, you’re here!" Hu Hongda quickly went up to her.

Ming Fangfang was not just an artiste; she had a solid family background. Her father was a well-known businessman. She had only been an artiste for about a year and she did it all just for fun.

That was why Hu Hongda was so afraid of her, even complying with something like a public apology.

"Why is this woman here?" Ming Fangfang glared at Ling Zhizhi.