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672 Because I Realize I Prefer Cabbage

Yet, the truth was right before her.

Underneath her palm, the frequency of Lu Tingxiao's heartbeat was messed up as if he had been poisoned and she even detected that it skipped half a beat.

Ning Xi had to believe it now - she had really overdone it.

Thus, she started to find excuses...

"Hmm, you can't blame me for this. If you really want to blame someone, it would be your brother. He taught me this idea. It's all his fault for being too corrupted."

Actually, she really could not blame Lu Jingli. Lu Jingli had completely directed her towards the pure and safe way. Who would have known that it would be misunderstood?

At that moment, at Lu Jingli's bungalow in China.

A certain koi fish was hugging his pillow and sobbing in silence. The good days had come to an end and he was not sure how he could survive the upcoming seasons of misery!

How about he just run away from home? No, he should just become a monk and take baby Little Treasure with him...

He would not have thought that the initial ideas he had given Ning Xi about firing up a stove for her love interest would turn into an act of removing his brother's clothes...

At that second, Lu Tingxiao was staring at the woman in front of him like a burning torch, his gaze like an X-ray, seeing through the most secretive nooks of her body.

Ning Xi felt goosebumps rise across her skin. "What is it?"

Lu Tingxiao extended his hand out to feel her forehead.

After a while, he felt it again. A few seconds later, he repeated his action.

The fourth time Lu Tingxiao felt her forehead, Ning Xi could not stand it anymore and grabbed his hand. "Stop it! My forehead is about to be filed down by the calluses on your hand. I don't have a fever, I am not drunk, I am not sleepwalking, and I am very clear-headed."

Lu Tingxiao looked at her and said with an oddly serious expression. "You're sure it's me you are trying to tell this to?"

Ning Xi replied, "Sure, definitely, and most definitely!"

Lu Tingxiao then asked, "Why?"

One could not blame Lu Tingxiao for having such a reaction and doubts. Even right now, he felt like he was still dreaming.

The truth was that what had just happened tonight was definitely the biggest plot twist and the most unexpected surprise of his life. His entire logic, knowledge, and judgment had been entirely flipped upside down.

Ning Xi had confessed to him. She had actually said that...she liked him...

The person she confessed to was no one else but him...

Such an impossible thing, but it had actually happened.

Why? When she heard this question, Ning Xi was stunned for a while.

Lu Tingxiao had asked why she had chosen him.

She was stopped in her thoughts and she started asking herself why had she said it in the end, why had she still told him...

Even she herself had not thought of her reason why.

At first, she had thought about burying her feelings for him forever. Then, she wanted to wait for the right time, for the day she could finally build an empire with him. As the universe would have it no other way, her plans kept changing again and again.

All she could only say was that when it came to love, sometimes one had no control over themselves.

From the moment First Senior Brother had told her that Satan wanted to meet her in Philadelphia, her thoughts had changed drastically when being on the verge of life and death the day before.

Just when she thought she would definitely be dead, her biggest regret was him not hearing what she had said to him during the fireworks show at the theme park that day.

Future or misfortune, no one would ever know which came first.

One should never wait till tomorrow or for the future. The moment the opportunity rose, at the current moment, she had to say it, had to do it.

That was her reason.

So, even though this whole confessing to Lu Tingxiao was a little impulsive in the end, she bore no regrets at all.

When she lifted her head again, Ning Xi's eyes sparkled. She looked at the man who was obviously tensed and she kissed him, answering, "Because...I realize...that I prefer cabbage."