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Qu Guanyang had a powerful aura and the crowd murmured quietly, "Fashion design…"

"That’s right, it’s an award for fashion design! The most important part of this award isn’t about the model, the materials, or the skills. It comes down to ideas and creativity!

"The Golden Award selects the best designer, not the best model, the most expensive materials, or the most famous designer! If it were based on those criteria, anyone can become a designer! Why would all of you be needed? As decoration?"

Qu Guanyang was really sharp-tongued, he did not hold back at all. Everyone could not look at him straight in the eye.

He then stared at David's direction and loudly stated, "The Golden Award has been organized for the 23rd year in a row. Our processes are transparent and will not be affected by any third parties. It was like this in the past, it is how it is now and how it will be continued in the future. We detest those who try to manipulate the results. Anyone is welcomed to oversee our judging process!"

His words were clearly meant to criticize David’s behavior for attempting to change the results using his power and network.

Anyone could easily imagine that a new designer from an unknown studio could not possibly bribe all six judges, while David was forcing the judges to change the result in his favor.

Suddenly, the other contestants and photographers saw the sense in what Qu Guanyang was saying. They all looked at David critically…

"Qu Guanyang is right. The designers who were voicing out their opinions just now were trying to look for trouble! Even laymen like us were surprised. How could you say the design was bad?"

"I’ve always felt that David was too arrogant. What’s wrong with following the Chinese trend? Even if it was trending because of him, he was not the first one to create it. It’s just as Teacher Qu said -anyone can do it! He made it sound like he invented it and anyone who follows is plagiarising him!"

"The award he expected to fall into his lap just disappeared. Of course, he’d panic! Do you know how much this award can bring to him?"

"Hmm...it makes sense. Most of the awards are so superficial nowadays but Golden Award is one of the more prestigious ones!"

After Qu Guanyang spoke up, the other judges who panicked from the uproar started to calm down. They then explained their reasoning behind the score they assigned and a unanimous conclusion was made.

"With that, all of us decided that this Golden Award goes to designer X from Spirit Studio!"

A thunderous round of applause roared throughout the venue.

Some of the invited female celebrities were really excited. The fashion industry was used to quick changes. As soon as a fresh new design was presented, it instantly caught their attention and everyone would want to get their hands on a piece of it.

The celebrities who were gathering around Ning Xueluo just now were now waiting to see who this mysterious designer was.

The host cleared his throat and invited, "Now, we’ll have designer X to come up onto the stage!"

The female host was smiling with the trophy in her hands, expecting the designer to be a tall, handsome man.

At that moment, everyone was looking around, curious to see who this dark horse was.

Especially David who could not suppress his abhorrence towards the winner.

Who? Who was it?!

It was impossible that he did not know such a person within the industry!