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577 The Wife Is Going For A Blind Date

Ning Xi touched her chin and stole a look at Lu Tingxiao as she thought very carefully before she answered, "He...he is powerful and domineering, a man of multiple talents, an intellectual and a warrior, gentle and romantic, smart and brave, mature and stable, amazing and rare to meet, every woman's dream, and overall, a gift to mankind!!!"

Lu Jingli and Lu Tingxiao were speechless.

When Lu Jingli finally recovered, his mouth twitched as he asked, "Are you sure you're talking about a human? Do you have exaggerate so much?"

Lu Tingxiao could not really put into words how he felt at that moment. Ning Xi's description was a little over the top, but it was through her description that one would know how perfect that person was in her heart.

"Hmm, if you knew who he was, you definitely wouldn't think I'm exaggerating!" Ning Xi mumbled.

Lu Jingli asked, "Who is he then?"

Ning Xi squinted her eyes and stuffed a butter bun into Lu Jingli's mouth. "Want to trap me with my words? Please!"

Lu Jingli swallowed the bun in one quick chomp and mumbled, "Since you already have someone you like, are you still going on that blind date then?"

If he couldn't find out more about the man of her dreams, this urgent mission at hand had to be clarified!

Ning Xi sighed, "I'd still have to go or I have a lot of explaining to do, don't I? Wouldn't I embarrass my grandfather if I just bailed out on the date?"

Lu Tingxiao's expression softened when he heard her reasoning. Actually, her answer was within his expectations but he had a possessive bone in him that overrode all rationality. Even though he knew her valid reason, it was hard to calm his heart. Who could accept their own wife going on a blind date?!

The next day.

In the morning, Ning Xi brought Little Treasure to hang out at the studio with her as she worked. Because she had a date with Elder Xi's grandson, she made a trip to the Lu Corporation in the evening to send Little Treasure over.

Even though this was not her first time to the company, every time she went there, there would still be many eyes watching her. All of them would have loved to take her mask off to see who she was.

Once upstairs and out of the elevator, a young girl suddenly mustered the courage to rush in front of her to say, "Miss Su, I love your movies very much. Could you help me please give me your autograph?"

Ning Xi raised her brows. Miss Su?

Who? Could it be...

It dawned on Ning Xi quickly. Was she misunderstood to be Su Yimo?

As she watched the girl's expression of anxious anticipation, she did not have the heart to reject her.

Actually she knew that this girl did not really want her autograph. She had intentionally come to test her identity. If she signed her autograph, then she would have silently admitted that she was Su Yimo. If she didn't, then she obviously wasn't.

Just as she stood there thinking about what to do, Lu Tingxiao walked towards her.

When the girl saw Lu Tingxiao coming over, she scuttled away faster than a rabbit. Ning Xi did not see clearly how she disappeared, but her shadow was gone within seconds.

She didn't blame the girl for running away because the Boss was not in a good mood today. This morning, he had already made the managers of several departments cry and she was just a puny secretary, so to avoid being another victim of his, it was natural that she would hide as far away from him as she could!

Lu Tingxiao saw Ning Xi carrying Little Treasure and his features tightened. "He's already so old, does he still need to be carried?"

Little Treasure buried his head deeper into the scoop of Ning Xi's shoulder as he looked guiltily. Aunty Xiao Xi, Daddy is scolding me!