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263 There Are People Who Ship Us Together?

“Sorry, okay, it’s not like you don’t know how forgetful a person I am! Thanks for your present, I love it so much! I’ll accompany you all of tonight, okay?”

“Accompany me all night, aye? You’re the one that said so!”

“Yes, I’m the one that said so! I’ll help you regain all your levels and powers! Let’s go!”

Ning Xi kept her promise as a faithful friend and played games all night with Jiang Muye.

Jiang Muye finally got to play to his heart’s content since returning to the country, even winning 10 games in a row! Finally, he could enjoy his long awaited win!

It had been awhile since Ning Xi relaxed, and she too enjoyed herself playing the games. She yawned and said, “It’s a good thing the both of us don’t have many scenes in the morning, so we can catch up on some sleep!”

Little did they know that as they were snoring away in their rooms, it was chaos outside…

At last, both were woken up by their managers before they were called to Lei Ming’s house.

“Isn’t there still an hour before work? Why did you disrupt my sleep so early in the morning?!” Jiang Muye grumbled sleepily with a visible bed head.

Ning Xi wasn't doing all that great herself either, almost falling asleep as soon as she sat down on a chair.

Ling Zhizhi walked around the house several times in a circle with her arms crossed before she turned to the both of them and asked with a stern tone, “What did the both of you do last night?”

“We didn’t do anything!” The both of them picked up on the tone and knew that something was amiss, which was why they shook their heads and defended themselves in unison.

Lei Ming seemed to have expected their response and sighed helplessly before showing them the screen of her phone, “Then tell me what this is. Explain yourselves.”

Ning Xi rubbed her eyes and, “Aah...isn’t this from last night…?”

Wasn’t this a picture from last night of her and Jiang Muye playing games together?

Jiang Muye immediately came to his senses, “Please! This is only a silhouette of our backs right? How did they even recognize me under all that disguise?”

Then, Lei Ming flipped to the next picture - this time, it was not just their backs but a clear picture that was taken from the front. Even though Ning Xi still had her mask on, Jiang Muye did not, clearly exposing his entire face.

Jiang Muye scratched his head a little and said, “Uhh…I was just a little too excited in the moment so I took my mask off, but it wasn’t even ten seconds! How did they get this photo taken?”

Ning Xi blinked at the picture and said, “Well at least I didn’t reveal any flaws, right?”

Ling Zhizhi pointed at her earlobe, “Your mole. The person in the picture already looks like you, plus this mole was so recognizable, it’s not hard for people to connect it to you.”

“Who’s this? Such an eagle eye…” Without Lu Tingxiao’s reminder, Ning Xi had really forgotten this little detail…

Jiang Muye’s face darkened, “But when we went we specifically used the identification of crew members, not our own. Who’s the one that so pathetic as to take these pictures and post it online? They could even notice Ning Xi’s small mole?”

Lei Ming casually speculated, “Probably one of your fans, in fact, it’s a fan who ships [1] the both of you.”

Ning Xi widened her eyes at hearing that, “A fan who ships us? We still have such fans?”

At this point, Ling Zhizhi’s expression was unusually serious. “Ning Xi, I think you should remember that since your first day of work with us, we have discussed that you are not allowed to be in a relationship at all in your current circumstance.”

She was too careless this time, she really should have noticed earlier. The way Ning Xi and Jiang Muye interact with one another, including the chemistry between them when they are acting and facing reporters, as well playing video games together all night. It was obvious that they had known each other from long before.

Especially the way Jiang Muye looks at Ning Xi, it was quite unusual…

Translator Notes:

[1] Ship - A slang that means to endorse a romantic relationship.