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242 Pull That Carrot Ou

Knew the world but wasn't worldly…

A wild spirit but kind and gentle…

Experienced a lot, but maintained her purity and innocence all this time…

The most wonderful girl…

Aiyaya! The teenage girl inside this old madam!!!

Ning Xi clutched her chest, feeling like her crazily pounding heart was about to fall out.

Was there anyone who didn't like to hear compliments about themselves?

Not to mention, Lu Tingxiao had hit her in all the softest spots in her heart with his sincere and skilful words.

Wasn't Lu Tingxiao supposed to be above mere mortals, restrained and cold? It wasn’t logical that he was so good with words!

The Big Demon King was seriously waiting for her next move…

Ning Xi really wanted to give him three big kowtows and beg him to let her go!

You ultimate level, mighty big name, you still need me to guide you?

Ning Xi coughed slightly, and said heavily, "Lord Boss, the way I see it, with your inner and outer qualities and your levels of perception, you totally don't need me to teach you at all. If the other party still hasn’t fallen for you the way you are, then there is only one possibility."

Lu Tingxiao put his hand down and narrowed his eyes slightly. "What possibility?"

Ning Xi took a deep breath, and said decisively, "You are not her type!"

"Not her type…?"

A gust of freezing wind blew in from the north with these words…

Ning Xi swallowed, and fought to meet the Big Demon King’s gaze, which was like cold blades. She nodded with certainty. "Yes. To put it another way, some like carrots, some like cabbages, and those who like carrots won’t like cabbages, no matter how good they are!"

Lu Tingxiao tapped the armrest of his seat with one finger. After three seconds of silence, he said slowly, "What if I’m sure, I’m a carrot?"

Ning Xi: "…!!!"


What do you mean you’re sure you’re a carrot?

Are you so sure that this old woman likes you? How can you be so… so smart…

"Then… then maybe she has another carrot in mind? One carrot, one hole, that hole already has one carrot in it, of course it’s not easy for another carrot to get in!" Ning Xi twitched at her own metaphor, why the heck had she chosen to use "carrot", out of all things…

"Another carrot she likes…" Lu Tingxiao murmured, a glint in his eyes. "Who?"

Now, the freezing wind had become a tornado!!!

Ning Xi, who was in the center of it, felt there was no hope for her anymore. She pretended to look at the view outside the window, and said with an awkward laugh, "I’m not a fortune teller, how would I know! I think it’s better that you keep things as they are right now to be safe, otherwise what if the other party really likes someone else? When the time comes, and you can't even remain friends anymore, then what?"

Lu Tingxiao’s lips were pressed together, and his face looked like frost. He didn't say a word for a long time, and the air pressure inside the confines of the car was so low it was as if it was going to start hailing…

Just as Ning Xi felt that she could no breathe because of the pressure, Lu Tingxiao finally opened his mouth and said —

"Then… I will pull that carrot out."

Ning Xi: "..."

Pull… pull that carrot out!!!

Big brother, why do you have to use such scary words!

At first she had wanted to find a shield, but could it stop the Big Demon King’s hit? It couldn't even stop a strand of hair!

Pathetic, communication failed again…

Would only her ultimate move work? She hoped it wouldn’t come to that point…