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137 Quickly Going Crazy

In the next second, Lu Tingxiao stretched out his arm and quickly pushed the door open, and with one look he was struck dumb.

The air quickly became very cold, and the man's eyes were like blades piercing Lu Jingli. "Did you see?"

Lu Jingli was so frightened that he stuck to the doorframe, and said in a weak tone, "If I didn't see her, how would I have known she is my sister-in-law! Don’t tell me you’re jealous over even that? She’s covered with petals, and I couldn’t see anything! Besides, if it wasn’t for my curiosity, I wouldn’t have realized it was her, who knows what could have happened to her tonight. No matter what, my merits outweigh my shortcomings, okay? Except for darling Little Treasure baby, where else can you find as godly an assistant as me? I…"

Lu Tingxiao: "Out!"

"Yes, thank you for your kindness, my lord!" Lu Jingli, who had had a narrow escape, immediately and swiftly retreated.

He already knew curiosity killed the cat, but even if he had escaped death ten thousand times already, he still couldn’t break this bad habit!

After Lu Jingli left, Lu Tingxiao immediately closed the door. Ten steps away from the bed, his mind instantly went blank.

It was a big, white bed, and covered in red petals atop it was skin white as porcelain. The girl’s eyelashes trembled under a strip of lace cloth. A thin layer of sweat made the material of what she was wearing cling tightly to her body. Her toes, white as jade, were curled up because of extreme fear and anxiety…

This scene was simply cruel torture for Lu Tingxiao, who had endured for a very long time!

He felt his throat dry up, and his collar felt so tight he almost couldn’t breathe, so he reached up to roughly loosen his tie.

Probably because the noise made by the movement was so loud, the girl in the bed was instantly so startled that her whole being began to tremble, and she tried with slight movements to get off the bed. But it seemed she had been drugged, so she had no strength at all. After so much effort, she only moved less than two centimeters, and was so tired that she gasped for breath, her chest heaving and the hair at her temples wet with sweat.

Such a scene was like a drop of water splashing into boiling oil.

As if he was bewitched and under someone else’s control, Lu Tingxiao’s legs carried him step by step to the bed until he stood beside it.

The girl was keenly aware of someone standing by the bed, and she was biting down on her lip hard enough to tear it. She struggled even harder to escape.

Lu Tingxiao was in a trance, and he slowly reached out to the girl…

The rough pad of one finger finally touched the skin that he had desired for so long, and it felt like the heat traveled through his finger to burn up his whole being.

But in the next second, there was a sudden, sharp pain in his finger.

The girl had bitten him hard.

Bright red blood quickly welled up from the wound on his finger.

Seeing the girl's red lips bite down on his finger, even his pain turned to delight.

Lu Tingxiao felt he was quickly going crazy!

Even the pain didn't clear his head, but in that instant, the girl who had bitten him suddenly lost her strength, and her face showed empty despair. It was like he had been dunked in cold water, and he came to his senses completely.

Damn it! What the hell was he doing?!

He clearly knew how scared she was at that moment, that every minute and every second in darkness was all torture and suffering for her!

Lu Tingxiao quickly reached out to remove the lace cloth covering her eyes.

The girl's eyelashes flickered violently, then she opened her eyes slowly, like a slow motion replay of Sleeping Beauty waking up after a thousand years of deep sleep…