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103 Whose Fault Is It When a Mad Dog Bites Someone?

Ning Xueluo also spoke up to persuade her. "Sister Ning, I know you’re not comfortable, but after all, you really were at fault, you can't drag the company down because of this personal drama between the both of you! The only way to resolve this now is to minimize the impact!"

Ning Xi looked at Ning Xueluo, who appeared as if her main concern was to protect the company, and murmured, "Senior Sister, if I remember correctly, from the beginning to the end, it was Jia Qingqing who targeted me and framed me. I have always been mindful of Sister Chang’s teachings to not embarrass the company and to always prioritize the company. I suffered in silence until now; even when I was being slandered, I didn't dare trouble the company, until some kind-hearted online friend stood up for me, only then was my reputation wiped clean!

Now what the online users and fans are angry over is Jia Qingqing being a mistress. Clearly, Jia Qingqing is the one who is not thinking about the company, framing an artiste from the same company and tarnishing the company’s image, right? Senior Sister, are you saying that if a mad dog chases someone down and bites him, and in the end falls into a ditch and dies, it is still that person’s fault?

If she posted on Weibo forgiving Jia Qingqing, all her hard-won efforts to regain her reputation would definitely crumble at this last hurdle.

To indulgently forgive this type of person during this furore, did they think she was stupid?

Ning Xueluo almost choked to death at Ning Xi’s words. What kind-hearted online friend, it was clear that Ning Xi was the one who had released that blackmail material, yet she could say all that with calm innocence.

On the side, Jia Qingqing, who hadn’t been quiet for every long, immediately exploded at these words. "Ning Xi, who are you saying is a mad dog! Say it clearly! You…"

Seeing that Jia Qingqing was getting worked up again, Feng Haoyang spoke up to cut her off. "No need to put up a public apology."

"Really?" Jia Qingqing was instantly happy, but in the next second, she heard Feng Haoyang continue, "Qingqing, write a statement to say you’re leaving the entertainment industry."

Jia Qingqing immediately screamed. "What? You’re making me leave the entertainment industry? Why should I leave?! There’s no way I’m writing that kind of thing!"

Feng Haoyang became impatient. "I’m already giving you face by letting you write that statement yourself! Don't take my last kindness for granted!"

"Don’t tell me it’s because of being a kept woman! There are so many female stars in the entertainment industry who are kept women, so many who become mistresses, why should I be the one to leave?!" Jia Qingqing wasn't convinced.

"Because you are the only one dumb enough to let the whole world know about it!"

"What’s that got to do with me, it’s all because Han Ying that bitch betrayed me! Why haven’t you gone after her?!"

"How can I, when she’s already resigned? Han Ying was the most easygoing manager in the whole company, so ask yourself, besides her, who else would have been able to tolerate your temper? It was bad enough that you were always yelling at her, but when her son had a fever of more than 40ºC and she wanted to take him to the hospital, you wouldn’t let her go no matter what. In the end, when she rushed there in the middle of the night, her son was so sick he had to be admitted into the ICU! So far he is still in critical condition!" Feng Haoyang listed her misdeeds. It wasn’t just Han Ying, he had already long been fed up with having to deal with Jia Qingqing’s mess non-stop.

Jia Qingqing didn't think she was wrong in the slightest, and said in a careless manner, "He didn't die, right? There are doctors for that sort of thing, what use would it have been even if she went? She would destroy me over something like that?"

Jia Qingqing still didn't understand how someone with a timid personality like Han Ying could suddenly do something like this. She was divorced, and her son was a chronic invalid. Every month, she spent so much on medical expenses. Without this job, how could she make a living?

She could never have guessed that a powerful figure like Liang Feixing would deal with a nobody like her personally.