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Lu Tingxiao was playing "The Last Judge" over there, why should she go and save them?

Lu Jingli’s phone call was completely ridiculous!

At first, Ning Xi was going to wash her hands of the situation, but for some unknown reason, she felt a little guilty deep in her heart…

Damn it! Why did she care?

The moment she decided to leave it alone, Lu Jingli again sent her a video.

In the video, Lu Tingxiao’s icy expression was like a knife piercing right through the screen and frightening Ning Xi. She stared blankly for a bit before she realized that he in fact should be looking at Lu Jingli.

"Lu Jingli, you have half an hour to redo this proposal. Do it right here; if you can’t get it done, go to the finance department and get your last paycheck!"

Then the screen went black.

Ning Xi: "…"

The second before the screen turned black, it was as if she could hear Lu Jingli’s last bloody cry for help…

Even an outsider like her knew that redoing a proposal in half an hour was impossible.


She really, really didn't know how to save him!

Ning Xi’s brain spun, and she flipped through Sun Tzu’s Thirty-Six Stratagems in her mind…

Wait at leisure while the enemy exhausts himself? Lu Jingli’s ghost would kill her!

Defeat the enemy by capturing their chief? Lu Tingxiao was the king himself!

Besiege Wei to rescue Zhao 1 ? He had no weaknesses for her to attack!

Then… the honey trap? No no…

In the end, Ning Xi smacked herself over the head. "Got it! Lure the tiger away from his cave!"

Ning Xi took a deep breath, calmed her mind, and dialed Lu Tingxiao’s number…

Meanwhile, at Lu Corporation.

In the meeting room, the projector which was connected to Lu Tingxiao’s cellphone was screening internal company data.

A group of senior staff was 12000% focused on the presentation, as Lu Tingxiao was going to ask them questions later.

The terror was too much like primary school, when the teacher was about to ask questions…

At that moment, Lu Tingxiao’s cellphone suddenly rang.

Lu Tingxiao picked up the call without looking, and in the next second, a girl’s sweet and soft voice came through the meeting room’s speakers —

"Hello, Lu Tingxiao, are you busy?"


The room froze, and all the senior staff were struck dumb, with utterly bewildered looks on their faces.

What was happening?

This was the boss’ personal cellphone, right?

A woman had actually called him, sounding so sweet and calling him by name…

But what was even more shocking was yet to come…

When Lu Tingxiao heard that voice, his entire aura changed subtly…

Like a gentle breeze coming into the world to touch dead souls…

Buried in the impossible task of completing the proposal, Lu Jingli was moved to tears when he heard Ning Xi’s familiar voice.

Sister-in-law, you’ve come, sob sob sob…

Lu Tingxiao paused in the middle of speaking, then unplugged the cable connecting his phone to the projector. Raising the phone to his ear, his expression still looked the same, and he spoke with the same cold tone. "What do you want?"

On the other end of the line, Ning Xi felt a little like retreating when she heard that scary voice. In the end, however, she managed to gather her courage, and did her best to use a softer and more pleading tone, as she asked hesitantly, "That, will you be coming back tonight? We promised Little Treasure we would have a hot pot today!"

Lu Tingxiao’s face was cold. "Not sure, I’m busy." ‘Besiege Wei to rescue Zhao’ is to distract the enemy by attacking their weakness, i.e. its Achilles heel.