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2048 The Truth Revealed

At this moment, the Chinese fans, who had been defending History earlier and crazily tearing Gong Shangze apart, were dumbfounded.

"What... What's happening?! Rainbow Feathers isn't even from David? It's Gong Shangze's work instead?"

"Oh my God! David has actually been lying from the start. He really stole Spirit's designs. Even all of his famed works were Gong Shangze's design! How did this happen!? My world is turned upside down!"

Among the shocked comments, there were some who still did not give up. "Even if it's proven that Rainbow Feathers wasn't made by David himself, that can't prove that the other designs weren't completed by him!"

Such opinions immediately received backlash from many.

"Some people keep calling others a fool. I think they're the real fools! It's already gone to this extent and they're still trying to justify David's actions. If Ranbow Feathers design wasn't done by Gong Shangze, then would Gong Shangze be able to create these clothes from thin air?"

"Clearly, the clothes weren't done by him. He could still pretend to be virtuous and claim fame in the eyes of the world, even boasting about how good his skills were. When he saw that the clothes had Gong Shangze's name on them, he still didn't repent. He continued to unchangingly frame someone else by saying they tampered with the clothes."

"After being exposed on the spot that the double-sided three-fold embroidery can't be tampered with, he actually shamelessly came up with the hilarious reason that he embroidered Gong Shangze's name onto the clothes to motivate himself! Only when he was slapped on the face by Qu Guanyang on the spot, he finally shut up!"

"As the chief designer of a brand and the so-called leading figure in the international Oriental style, his words and actions are so inconsistent. From the start till the end, he's been lying. Can such a person's words still be trusted? Whether or not his past works were his original creation is really worth being suspicious about! Whatever it is, this time, I stand on Gong Shangze's side!"

After that, many people asked, "But why would Gong Shangze's designs be stolen by David? Not only were the design drafts trademarked by David, even the finished clothes fell into David's hands. This is weird!"


It was not just the audience watching the live stream who asked this. Even wondered all the guests and industry figures present had the same question on their minds.

Suddenly, everyone's gazes, including Akas's and Qu Guanyang's, fell onto Gong Shangze.

Facing the looks from all over the world, Gong Shangze was emotional. He had waited and endured it for so long. Finally, people were willing to hear him tell this secret. He finally had the chance to speak.

The young man took a deep breath and then started slowly.

"Back then, David and I started up a fashion studio together. We called it Neon. Because I'm not good at socializing and networking, I was in charge of designs while David was in charge of the studio operations.

"Our studio began from a place where no one was interested until later on when more and more people knew about it. Later on, our studio opened up abroad and we started to look for a wider market. Slowly, many investors started to want to collaborate with us.

"I've always seen David as the most trustworthy partner. I've never asked anything about the studio's matters. I only focused on creating. All of the designs were passed to him for safekeeping.

"I never would've thought that he had been secretly trademarking all of my designs with his name. When I had transferred all of my designs, he stole everything from the studio, signed a contract with an investor alone, and completely erased any trace of me. He erased Neon's existence and established History!"