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1932 Choose Lover Over Friends

Chapter 1932: Choose Lover Over Friends
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Even more savage was that a lot of the troublemaking fans were collectively commenting.

"Please, husband, dress as the other gender!"

"Please, husband, wear a female outfit, oh, oh, oh!"

"As long as you wear a female outfit, my dear, we'll guarantee to let you slay the female rankings!"

"Oh, I agree!"


Jiang Muye read the comments until his face was as dark as the bottom of a pot.

Hey! Bottom, my ass! Female outfit, my ass!

Who wants to wear a female outfit now?! You perverts!

What did he need the female rankings for?! His legendary reputation was ruined!

He would not dress like that even if it killed him!

After Jiang Muye pathetically finished lurking the live stream websites for a while, he noticed something even more hopelessly.

"National Husband" ranking's number two had unexpectedly been surpassed by Ning Xi too.

Now, Ning Xi was actually right below Lu Tingxiao in the poll!

Ning Xi obviously saw where she was on the ranks too. After she looked at it for a long time, she suddenly thought of something and her eyes flashed.

Jiang Muye looked at Ning Xi's unusual gaze and suddenly had a bad feeling. "What... What are you thinking of doing now?"

Ning Xi looked at Jiang Muye and sighed, "I'm sorry."

"What do mean you're sorry?! What are you trying to do?!" Jiang Muye was about to break down.


For her darling...

In order to be at the highest position with her darling...

She had to choose her lover over her friends for once.

Pulling out the big guns...

At the same time, on stage, everyone else's performances had come to an end, and they had reached the final segment of getting votes.

The host almost could not wait to invite all of the guests on stage!

Now only the final fight was left!

The artistes walked up to give their speech to ask for voters to support them according to the number they had picked.

"Thank you, everyone, for voting for me. Even though I'm not in the top spot, I'm already very happy. Thank you for everyone's support! Thank you to all the fans that like me!"

"Thank you, everyone. Next year, I'll definitely work even harder!"

"As a newcomer, I'm really very emotional that there would be so many of you who like me. I hope that everyone can continue to vote for me. I definitely won't let you all down!"


One by one, all of them gave their speeches.

Finally. it was Han Zixuan's turn.

Earlier, she had been backstage for so long. Han Zixuan must have discussed their final plan as they did not know what dirty trick she would pull this time.

When they thought about this, Xu Tao, Jiang Muye, and everyone else suddenly held their breaths.

At this moment, Han Zixuan's expression was already devoid of the panic and loss of control from earlier.

She had returned to her goddess look and stood calmly on the stage.

She did not ask for votes right away like the others had. Instead, she said in a calm and composed manner, "I'd like to borrow today's occassion to share a good news with everyone.

"After 'The World', I've just received Hollywood's famous producer, Jace's invite to join their new film. This also means that my career will take on a new journey! Of course, everything that I have right now wouldn't have happened without your support! Thank you very much, everyone! Without you, there would not be Han Zixuan today!"

Once Han Zixuan finished, all of the fans were shocked by her dropping the name of the huge Hollywood producer, Jace.

He was no. 1 on the Hollywood producers list and had shot many famous classic works. In fact, he did not work with Chinese people much. Besides, this was a personal invite which meant that Han Zixuan had actually received Jace's invite.

There was no one in the entertainment industry with such an esteemed honor!

Even though Han Zixuan did not outrightly ask for votes, her votes had rapidly increased because of this shocking news.

In the end, the people still subconsciously worshipped the strong ones!