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1800 Your Mother Thinks You“re Cold

Chapter 1800: Your Mother Thinks You're Cold
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Ning Xi had been smiling as she listened. When she heard till the end, she had tears in her eyes instead.

"Eh, Sis-in-law, why are you crying?! Did I say something wrong?" Lu Jingli had been rambling on in a lively manner, but when he saw this, he was immediately worried.

Lu Tingxiao's expression changed too. "What's wrong?"

"Nothing." Ning Xi shook her head.

Just when she thought about how Lu Tingxiao had completed something that was meant for two people to do together by themselves, there was an unexplainable pain clutching at her heart.


The three of them discussed for a while and at last, they decided to meet up that night.

After Lu Jingli left, Ning Xi immediately went to look for Little Treasure to see the marriage certificate.

The little guy fixed his gaze on Ning Xi and was unwilling to shut his eyes. He did not sleep for the entire night and only nodded off when it was morning.

Ning Xi kissed the little guy's sleepy face and asked Lu Tingxiao softly, "Where is it?"

Lu Tingxiao held his son's head up slightly, then he pulled out two red folders from underneath his pillow.

Little Treasure frowned softly, but probably because he sensed his mother's familiar aura, he very quickly rubbed his hand against the back of his mother's and fell asleep soundly.

Ning Xi carefully opened the marriage certificate. She kept flipping it to study it over and over again. As she looked through it, she softly muttered, "Mmm, this is not a fake certificate, is it?"

Lu Tingxiao's expression instantly darkened. "It's real."

Ning Xi looked through this new and odd document for a long time. She still felt that it was incredibly mystical that she was already married when she woke up from her long slumber.

The photo had been taken at the photo sticker booth from when she went out on a date with Lu Tingxiao. He also had gotten a way to obtain the documents. Even the signature was actually hers...

"You're sure you want to see them?" On the side, Lu Tingxiao asked with a scowl.

Ning Xi gripped the marriage certificate in her hands and looked earnestly at the man before her. "Lu Tingxiao, all this while, you've always told me to leave everything to you, but now that we're husband and wife, no matter what the problem is, we should always face it together."

That single phrase "husband and wife" instantly made the space between his brows fill with tenderness...


At night.

Ning Xi, Lu Tingxiao, and Little Treasure returned to the old residence together as a family of three.

Once they reached the door, they saw that the entire old residence and courtyard looked completely new. The car had just come to a stop when the butler and a servant had jubilantly walked out to greet them, all of them calling out uniformly, "Master, Little Master, Lady!"

Just from the servants' attitudes, they knew that the two elders must have briefed them. From a certain level, the servants represented the opinions of the two elders.

Very soon, a woman with graceful mannerisms had rushed out of the house. It was Yan Ruyi.

When Yan Ruyi saw Ning Xi, she was first stunned, then her eyes instantly became wet before she walked over to greet her quickly. She held onto Ning Xi's hand emotionally. "Xiao Xi, you're here! Why are you wearing so little? Aren't you cold? Tingxiao, why don't you let Daughter-in-law put on a few more layers of clothes? This weather is a cold snap during spring. It's still cold!"

When Lu Tingxiao heard his mother's concern, he readily followed the sound advice and added one of his coats onto Ning Xi's shoulders even though she was already very tightly bundled up.

Behind them, Lu Jingli shook his head and sighed, "There's a kind of cold called 'your mother thinks you're cold'!"

Yan Ruyi shot her son a displeased look. "Your sister-in-law's body is weak right now. I already said that I'll personally go over myself, yet you won't let me! If she's worn out, who are we putting the fault on?"

Lu Jingli, who got unjustly attacked for just being present, was speechless.

Indeed, bachelors had a statusless existence at home!

"Xiao Xi, quickly come in and have some chicken soup to warm your body up first. I personally stewed it myself for a few hours on low heat!" Yan Ruyi cordially clung to Ning Xi's arm and led her into the house, even forgetting all about her two other sons.

Only Little Treasure was still barely remembered. Yan Ruyi added, "Little Treasure, you quickly come too!"