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1798 You’re Right My Wife

Chapter 1798: You’re Right My Wife
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"Sorry, without your permission…"

Lu Tingxiao was about to apologize for making a decision without her permission.

The next moment, the girl stared at the ring on her finger and gushed in excitement, "Wow! My luck sure is amazing! After a nervous proposal, I find out that you're already my husband?"

Lu Tingxiao smiled. This girl was always thinking differently from everyone else.

"You almost scared me to death! I thought you were really married to another woman!" Ning Xi pouted and complained.

Lu Tingxiao looked at the girl in front of him quietly. "What would you do if I was really married to another woman?"

Ning Xi raised her eyebrows when she heard the question. "How is that possible? I'm so kind, cute, and obedient. You'd need to be really stupid to marry someone else!"

Lu Tingxiao grinned and laughed genuinely. "Mmm, you're right, my wife."

Ning Xi felt really warm inside when she heard Lu Tingxiao called her his wife. She jumped towards him and hugged him. "I like it when you call me your wife. Say it again…"

Lu Tingxiao coughed lightly with a slightly unnatural expression. "My wife."

Ning Xi was finally satisfied, but she then thought of another important question that asked in a serious tone, "Is there anything else I don't know?"

"Quite a lot of things have happened when you were in the coma," replied Lu Tingxiao.

He was afraid that she might get confused by telling her too much, so he withheld some information about what happened.

Ning Xi pestered him, "What is it? Tell me!"

The two of them walked back slowly as they chatted.

"It's about the Zhuang family."

"Zhuang family? What about them?" Ning Xi did not understand.

"You didn't stay here at first. You were in the Imperial military sanatorium. After that, I shifted you here because you might be bored there and I was hoping it might help you to recover," replied Lu Tingxiao.

"I stayed in the sanatorium because the Zhuang family helped me?" Ning Xi asked.

"Mmm, the Zhuang family already knows about your identity, and they already thought of you as one of their own. They've been helping to take care of you and have been researching different ways to help you regain consciousness in the past year."

"Ah…" Ning Xi sounded surprised. "Even Keer and Rongguang knew?"

"Yes." Lu Tingxiao nodded, he did not mention about the initial conflict they had to not let her worry about it, "So, while we're keeping it a secret from the public that you've woken up, we still need to let the Zhuang family know about it, I've asked Jingli to tell them."

"Mmm, of course!" Ning Xi nodded.

Ning Xi was waiting for Lu Tingxiao to continue, but he had stopped, so she carefully phrased her next sentence. "I heard from Jingli and Little Treasure that your father isn't doing very well recently."

Lu Tingxiao was silent for a while, then he said, "It's not looking good. He's barely holding on with the help of medicine. You saved Little Treasure, so my parents are immensely grateful towards you and they felt guilty as well."

Apart from that, Lu Tingxiao did not say anything else.

As they arrived at the door, they met Lu Jingli who had just come out of his car and was walking in.

Lu Jingli saw them and ran over. "Bro, I've informed the Zhuangs already. Father and Mother know too!"

Lu Jingli then looked at Ning Xi before he said hesitantly, "Also, Father said... he wants to meet Sister-in-law. So did Mother... She has something for Sister-in-law…"