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1770 My One And Only Wife

Chapter 1770: My One And Only Wife
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The man opened the box, revealing a pair of rings with a very simple design inside. The letters 'XX' could be vaguely seen engraved on the inner surface of the ring.

With everyone's shocked gazes, Lu Tingxiao knelt down on one knee and slid the thicker ring onto the ring finger of his left hand, then he put the other ring onto Ning Xi's ring finger gently.

He... This…

This was…

Zhuang Liaoyuan and Zhuang Zongren were astonished. Zhuang Keer and Zhuang Rongguang just stared at him blankly while Yan Ruyi and Lu Chongshan watched silently.

After the initial surprise, Lu Jingli's gaze softened. He had sort of expected this to happen.

Lu Tingxiao kissed the girl's finger, his cold and hoarse voice echoing in the quiet room, "I promise to be true to you in good times and in bad, in sickness and in health. I will love you and honor you all the days of my life, Ning Xi, my one and only wife."

The sun seeped through the window. The man was citing the oath alone, but his expression was saying that he was putting all of his life into this relationship.

Zhuang Keer's eyes welled up and she started crying.

The others were shocked from the beginning, but now all of them teared up…

After a while, Cheng Feng softly said, "Boss, this is done as well."

Cheng Feng handed him two booklets. It was... their marriage certificate.

Cheng Feng had to prepare everything in advance in the shortest time possible after Lu Tingxiao called him. He had called someone from the Civil Administration Department and got the entire deed done.

Zhuang Liaoyuan had been really biased against Lu Tingxiao before, but he could not even utter a word at this moment. He did not expect Lu Tingxiao to pull off this move.

Although Yan Ruyi and Lu Chongshan were shocked at first, they did expect it a little.

They knew that it was bound to happen anyway…

Yan Ruyi looked at the brightly-colored marriage certificates, feeling a pang of regret. If she had not been so stubborn back then and had let these two children be together earlier, they would have a happy family now instead of being in the current circumstances.

It was too late to say anything now.

Little Treasure could not stay still any longer when he saw what Cheng Feng had in his hand. He jumped off Zhuang Zongren and ran up to Cheng Feng swiftly, staring at Chengfeng intensely.

Cheng Feng squatted down and handed the certificates to him.

The little guy carefully held them in his arms, flipping them over and over again…

Lu Jingli grinned as he went over and picked the little guy up. He peeked at Zhuang Rongguang and then mischievously said, "Are you happy, Little Treasure? If there's anyone else who tells you that Xiao Xi Xi isn't your mother, just hang these around your neck! One at the front, one at the back! Let them see!"

Little Treasure nodded blissfully as he held the certificates tightly to his chest.

Outside the room.

Ling Zhizhi, Lu Jingli, Lu Tingxiao were talking beside a flower bed.

Ling Zhizhi glanced at the ring Lu Tingxiao had on his finger and she felt really touched.

She did not expect to witness this scene. Little did she think that the two of them would really get married and under such circumstances.

"It must be tough for you, Manager Ling. I'm afraid... things are really chaotic on your side? Xiao Xi Xi is just too awesome!" Lu Jingli put up a bitter smile.