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1762 Peak Popularity

Chapter 1762: Peak Popularity
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"Then, can we know where they are now?" Tang Lang did not think much and asked straightforwardly.

Lu Jingli explained, "Don't be so impatient. He isn't your everyday thug after all. He might've figured it out, and our efforts would be in vain if he found out about the tracker! So, we haven't activated it yet. We'll track him once he lets his guard down!

"Also, that thing has both voice and visual recording functions! It'll send over all the information the moment we activate it. If it were forcefully destroyed, it'll still send over the information first!"

Tang Lang's mouth twitched. As expected of them brothers... Both of them were crazy…

Qiao Yi was definitely not a threat to them anymore under his condition, yet they had still prepared something beforehand.

Could they expect the person from last time to appear again?

"Actually, Qiao Yi can't do much anymore. He can't really do anything even after he's escaped. Satan cut him off completely and took over all his resources."

Tang Lang looked at the man before the table questionably.

Now that they had settled Qiao Yi, would his next target... then be that guy?

Was a bloody war coming?

Soon, three months passed by.

The whole Imperial was peaceful, and the war that Tang Lang expected did not happen.

Everyone was waiting for the miracle, but nothing happened as well.

The girl was still lying in the cold and heavily guarded sanatorium with no signs of waking up.

The worse thing was that "Mother" had aired, and it received the Golden Deer Awards and Golden Phoenix Awards for Best Female Lead respectively. In addition to the Golden Film Awards before, she had received the three largest titles for a female actress within Imperial. With the many other titles that she had achieved, she almost won all the film awards possible within the country. Jiang Xingzhou also delivered the news that "Mother" had made into the Lorraine Film Festival.

At the same time, Ning Xi's popularity had been on a steady rise with the airing of "Nine Realms". The bedroom scene of Ning Xi and Ke Mingyu even broke the record for view counts of Imperial Channel in the past ten years. The replay count on the Web was refreshed again and again. Even online games of the same name were created. Everywhere, everyone was talking about the series.

Every main and supporting cast of the series became extraordinarily famous. Ning Xi totally overshadowed Meng Shiyi with her tremendous popularity and extraordinary acting. Furthermore, she was nominated as the Queen of Golden Orchid Awards.

It was no doubt that Ning Xi was the biggest winner of the year in both the film and TV industries respectively. All the news media were raving about her.

"Thunderbolt Secret Service Squad" had not aired yet due to the time needed for post-production, but Ning Xi's popularity had skyrocketed with just those two works. No one from the industry was able to measure up to her at the moment.

If Ning Xi was renowned as Leng Manyun's successor before, people's evaluation towards her now was "Better Than The Rest", "Best Of The Century", "Gem Of The Industry", "Genius Actress", "Second Song Lin"...