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1734 Do Not Be Nice, Slam Him!

Chapter 1734: Do Not Be Nice, Slam Him!
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Zhuang Rongguang was muttering to himself and rolling up his sleeves ready for battle.

Grandfather, do not be nice! Slam him!

Lu Chongshan and Yan Ruiyi exchanged a glance, their hearts filled with unease.

The Zhuang family was very determined. Could Tingxiao really have a way to persuade the Elder Chief?

What if he failed? What would they do?

What about Little Treasure?

At the end of the corridor.

Zhuang Zongren's expression was cold as if there was frost on his face. He was very determined. "What do you want to say? Say it now. But I must state in advance. No matter what you have to say, I'll definitely bring the Xi girl away today. I was already wrong once because of my hesitation. I'll definitely not let Xi girl be hurt once more. Even though Rongguang's words were harsh earlier, his rationale was not wrong. Xi girl doesn't need you people to make anything up to her. She doesn't need your meaningless guilt. You can take the child away and start your new beginnings, while Xi girl..."

"Little Treasure is Ning Xi's and my own flesh and blood," interrupted Lu Tingxiao.

Zhuang Zongren's remaining words were stuck in his throat. He stared in bewilderment at the young man before him. "You... What did you just say?"

"Ning Xi and I are parents to Little Treasure," repeated Lu Tingxiao.

Despite his raging temperament, Zhuang Zongren was currently flabbergasted for a long time before he reacted, "You're saying... You're saying Little Treasure is Xi girl's biological child?!"

"Yes. Little Treasure is Ning Xi's biological son, and your great-grandchild," answered Lu Tingxiao truthfully.

Most of the Zhuang family's generation up to Ning Xi, Zhuang Keer, and Zhuang Rongguang had not gotten married yet. Those who did get married had been so busy with work and careers that they did not have any children yet, so Zhuang Zongren did not have any great-grandchildren. He felt very regretful about this and was wondering if he would be able to cradle the Zhuang family's fourth generation of children before he passed...

Now, Lu Tingxiao suddenly told him that he had a great-grandson...

How was this not a shock to him?

Apart from being shocked, there was a stir of emotions that could not be suppressed.

"Young boy, are you telling the truth? Are you swindling me?" Zhuang Zongren asked seriously.

Lu Tingxiao's expression did not stir. "I privately did a DNA test at Imperial's military hospital for Little Treasure and Ning Xi. If you don't believe me, you can go ask Dr. Zheng from the hospital. You have an amicable personal friendship with him, so I'm sure you'll believe his words. Taking a step back, even if there wasn't any test, just based on your judgment, do you really think that Little Treasure isn't a part of your Zhuang family?"

The old chief immediately replied without even thinking, "This child has excellent marksmanship at such a young age. He's even more talented than Rongguang! Would it be strange if he's a part of our Zhuang family?"

When Zhuang Zongren finished, he realized that he seemed to have fallen into Lu Tingxiao's trap, but he could not care less. He recalled the short encounter he had with Little Treasure back then and was even more fearful as he thought about it. "Similar... Too similar... No wonder I thought that Little Treasure seemed to have a remarkable resemblance to Xi girl..."

Zhuang Zongren then paused. "No, wait... You just said that you only knew about this after doing the DNA test. Could it be that Xi girl doesn't even know about this herself?"

Lu Tingxiao's cast turned grave and he nodded. "Yes, currently Xiao Xi still doesn't know this. This matter is very complicated. On one hand, it's due to my selfishness. On the other hand, there have been too many doubtful points that I've yet to clarify. I daren't act rashly so as to not alert anyone else.

"This isn't the place to talk about this. Later on, I'll explain the whole situation in detail, but before I get to the bottom of things, I hope that you can temporarily keep this matter a secret."

Zhuang Zongren nodded his head heavily and said, "Naturally, I will act accordingly."

Then, he looked somewhat eagerly as he asked, "Where's Little Treasure now?"