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1710 Which One of You Is This Girl“s Man?

Chapter 1710: Which One of You Is This Girl's Man?
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Then, a person appeared on the screen.

There was a man with long, black hair, who looked as beautiful as a demon.

The man took out the whistle from one of the mercenaries' pocket, then walked up to Ning Xi. His thin lips started to mouth, "You lucky devil..."

Then, he bent over and carried the girl, disappearing after a few leaps.

The instant they saw this person, Tang Lang and Tang Ye cried out at the same time—

"What the hell?! How is it this guy?!"

"It's him!"


"You know him?" Yun Shen asked.

Lu Tingxiao frowned too. He had seen that whistle with Ning Xi before. Ning Xi had told him that a skilled master had given it to her because he owed her a favor. Whenever she blew it, the master would come to save her. However, it looked like something had happened, and Ning Xi did not remember the whistle in time to blow it for help before it was taken away by those mercenaries.

It was only at the very last moment when that mercenary had curiously blown it by coincidence, and that master was probably just nearby, that he could have rushed over so quickly.

No wonder that person would say something like "you lucky devil".

Lu Tingxiao was already extremely disturbed as he imagined this.

The master Ning Xi had mentioned back then was probably this man who appeared on the screen, and since the other person owed Ning Xi a favor, he must be a friend and not a foe.

Tang Lang spoke emotionally, "That guy was the one who disrupted my fight with Tang Lang, and had even..."

Beaten us up till we were scared witless...

"Back then, even with Tang Ye and I combining forces, we couldn't get close to him. He's a monster! Why did this dude appear here and save Little Junior Sister, and how do they know each other?"

"This isn't the main point. He seemed to have walked towards the cemetery," said Tang Ye.

"The cemetery?"


They did not have time to think further. Immediately, they brought everyone to rush towards the cemetery.

They were very close to the cemetery and their people had already patrolled that area, yet they did not find any traces at all!

The group finally made it to the cemetery and walked the grounds one more time. Unfortunately, they still came up with nothing.

Right at that moment, in the eerie cemetery, there were suddenly creaking sounds that made one's blood run cold.

Everyone felt their backs tense up as they looked to see where the sound was coming from.

It sounded like Hell's door was being opened. There was suddenly a man's faint voice in the cemetery. "Hey, you people, which of you is this girl's man?"

Lu Tingxiao, Yun Shen, Tang Lang, Tang Ye, and the group of subordinates all rushed to the man. When they got closer, they realized that he was indeed the man from the surveillance camera.

When he heard the man's question, Yun Shen frowned. "That would be me. Who are you? Where's Tang Xi?"

The man's brows knitted, then he said in all seriousness, "I hate being lied to."

Yun Shen looked like he was about to choke. On what basis did this dude claim that he was lying?

The man did not care about Yun Shen's terrible expression. His eagle eyes gazed at Lu Tingxiao. "It's you, isn't it? You look exactly the same as that little guy."

"It is I." Lu Tingxiao could not care how Yun Shen felt. He walked quickly towards the man.

At that moment, an underground palace of an old tomb suddenly appeared behind the man. Both sides were lit up with oil lamps, and it was so deep that no bottom could be seen.

"Follow me." The long-haired man started to walk down.

Lu Tingxiao followed him and that door immediately shut seamlessly. Buried in the grass, there was not a single trace that there had once been an entrance.