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1674 Second Uncle, Help Me

Chapter 1674: Second Uncle, Help Me
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When Lu Chongshan and Yan Ruyi saw the girl who walked in, they reflexively sat up straight as ramrods. This girl was a collateral relative [1]. Compared to other girls, her personality was vivacious and they heard that she was very talented too.

Perhaps, changing to an extroverted personality could coincidentally complement Little Treasure.

The girl started to explain as a matter of fact, "I'm Liang Yi and I'm 23 years old this year. Usually, I like to work out. I'm trained in judo, taekwondo..."

"Nice to meet you, Sis Liang. Please hold on a moment!" Little Treasure greeted the girl, then he turned towards Lu Jingli. "Second Uncle, I need your help with this question."

"OK, no problem. How do I help?" Lu Jingli answered evenly.

Little Treasure waved him over, then Lu Jingli immediately strolled over happily and squatted in front of him as directed by the little bun.

Then, Little Treasure turned to look at that girl. "Sis, my question is simple..."

Before he finished his sentence, there was a "swoosh" as he had efficiently extended his leg up and above towards Lu Jingli's temples, but his foot hovered an inch away from his uncle.

"My question is how can this move be unraveled?"

Lu Chongshan and Yan Ruyi looked at their dashing darling grandson and felt immense pride in their hearts.

Liang Yi did not expect Little Treasure to come up with such a question, but she had just declared that she was well-versed in this discipline, so it was rational for him to post a question related to the area she was an expert in.

Liang Yi chose her words carefully, "This move... If the force is strong enough, there's basically no way of disengaging. With a single to kick to the right meridian points at the temples, a person can be knocked out..."

Liang Yi muttered to herself, "But I can try."

Little Treasure nodded. "Okay, I'll let my Second Uncle spar with you. Is that okay?"

"Of course, thanks!"

Next, Lu Jingli had practiced with that young lady over ten times, yet in the end, none of her methods worked. She failed to unravel the move.

At last, Liang Yi was eliminated.

"Jingli, isn't it unfair for you to test the young lady as a grown man yourself?" When she saw that they had eliminated three candidates with excellent qualities at a go, Yan Ruyi started to worry.

Lu Jingli said helplessly, "Mother, even if you don't understand all of this, you should be able to tell that I didn't use a single percent of force earlier. I'm worried about hurting someone's delicate girl. If she were really skilled in a particular area, I would have given in. Although literature isn't her expertise, at least she had martial arts, didn't she? Sadly, she clearly lacked substance! If she didn't have the capabilities, she shouldn't have sold herself so highly! Now that she's been exposed, is it truly my fault?"

Lu Chongshan consoled himself, "Forget it. Let's continue with the next one. It'd still be better if girls were more gentle and wifely."

After a short interval, the fourth girl walked in.

This time, the girl was completely in line with Lu Chongshan's demands. She was gentle and homely, plus she even had culinary expertise.

"I want to eat tanghulu [2] personally made by you. Can I?" Little Treasure spelled out the test question.

When she heard the question, the girl was instantly dumbstruck. She had not lied about her culinary talent since she had indeed trained professionally. Chinese and Western desserts were nothing difficult, but... was tanghulu considered a dish as well?

The girl looked like she found the challenge difficult. Obviously, she did not know how to make it.

Lu Chongshan and Yan Ruyi were both completely on Little Treasure's side now. They did not find Little Treasure's test question inappropriate at all. Instead, disappointment filled their faces.