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1660 Not Your Romantic Rival, She“s Mine

Chapter 1660: Not Your Romantic Rival, She's Mine
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After they finished dinner, Ning Xi sent Ning Tianxin home, then drove to Platinum Palace.

On the way, Ning Xi had a huge load on her mind and she wanted to look for the little bun to cure it with cuddles when she got home. However, she suddenly remembered that the little bun was still at the old residence!

Thus, Ning Xi was suddenly like a sunflower without the sun. She looked listless as her head hung down before she flung herself onto the sofa.

She lay down, lost in her thoughts for a while when footsteps suddenly shuffled behind her.

"Why're you lying down here?"

Ning Xi turned to see Lu Tingxiao who seemed to have just gotten out of the shower and was wearing low-slung pajamas...

Her eyes traveled up and down this man who was a feast for her sight. Ning Xi instantly puffed up her cheeks and revealed an unhappy expression.

Lu Tingxiao walked over to sit down beside the girl. "You have something on your mind?"

Ning Xi nodded vigorously in all honesty. "Mmm!"

Lu Tingxiao asked, "Because of Song Lin?"

Ning Xi continued to nod. "Mm-hmm!"

Lu Tingxiao chose his words carefully as he thought about how to start.

"Oh, my goddess has suddenly become my romantic rival. How can I continue to face the goddess from now on?" Ning Xi was at a loss as she grumbled.

Clearly, Ning Xi had the same idea as Lu Jingli at first. They both thought that Song Lin liked Lu Tingxiao.

Lu Tingxiao was speechless when he heard her.

My wife, you have thought too much! Song Lin isn't your romantic rival. Instead, she's mine.

Ning Xi did not notice Lu Tingxiao's unusual expression. She was still feeling dejected. Of all people, it had to be Song Lin, her idol that she had always admired. Even she felt that she was close to perfection and suited Lu Tingxiao more than she did.

As he watched the girl in all her confusion, Lu Tingxiao faintly sighed. At last, he still did not tell Ning Xi the truth.

After all, the other person was someone Ning Xi had always admired, so he did not wish to ruin Ning Xi's pure and beautiful affection.

Lu Tingxiao said, "It's good that you know, so the next time, it's best if you didn't get too close to Song Lin."

Ning Xi felt that Lu Tingxiao made sense, so she nodded. "Understood!"

After all, such a relationship was really just too awkward.

Lu Tingxiao let the girl's dispirited little head lean on his shoulder as he continued to coax her patiently. "From today onwards, try your best to avoid being alone with Song Lin. Understand?"

Ning Xi replied, "Mmm!"

Lu Tingxiao continued to urge her, "Don't accept any of her invitations after 10 p.m."

Ning Xi could only respond, "Okay..."

Lu Tingxiao added, "Maintain your distance and avoid any intimate bodily contact."

Ning Xi felt her mouth twitch. "Uhh... The first two I still understand, but why this one?"

They were both women, and would sometimes cling arms or hug for a while. That was all very normal, was it not?

"To avoid any friction and conflicts," Lu Tingxiao explained casually.

Ning Xi scratched her head. "Oh..."

Is that so?

Why do the three requests seem a bit weird when put together?

Forget it, I'll stop thinking about it.

Ning Xi rolled into Lu Tingxiao's embrace, her watery eyes filled with longing. "Darling..."


"I miss the little bun!"

"Are you working tomorrow?" Lu Tingxiao asked.

Ning Xi's eyes instantly brightened. "No, it's my rest day tomorrow! Apart from sending Sis Tianxin to the airport, I've got nothing else to do!"

"Okay, tomorrow I'll bring Little Treasure back."

"Mmm mmm!" Once she heard that she could see her dearest Little Treasure again, Ning Xi immediately left all her worries buried at the back of her head.