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1639 I Never Doubted Tha

Chapter 1639: I Never Doubted That
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Ning Xi received a call from Ling Zhizhi when she arrived home.

The contract had been finalized.

She had finally clinched the role!

Jiang Xinyi had been too impatient before. She ignored the crew's warning of not leaking any news about the movie and had secretly told a few media sources after she passed her audition. It caused a pretty huge uproar when they announced the change in the selected actress and it raised some suspicion from several parties.

While Ning Xi had received the Best Female Lead Award from the Golden Film Awards, she was still lagging way behind Jiang Xinyi who had been in the field for the past decade. After the role for Jiang Xinyi had been decided, the crew went through a second audition and swapped her out, so no one could blame the public for being suspicious.

However, because the director of the production was Jiang Xingzhou, his reputation in the field was too solid to be questioned and most people still believed in the crew.

The doubts did not cause that big a wave. More people were buzzing about how they were looking forward to the performance of this new and young talented artiste as well as what kind of surprises she would bring.

Aside from the small incident at the beginning of filming, the whole progress of the production went quite low-profile. They filmed the movie in a small village, so there was no news about it at all.

For a better effect, the whole crew stayed in the village. They worked and ate with the villagers.

Everyone thought that Ning Xi might not be able to stand a life like this, so no one expected her to adapt very well. She toiled in the farm like an expert and was even able to teach others.

Jiang Xingzhou would not candidly just select a person. He investigated her background thoroughly and found out that she had stayed in a rural area for 18 years. Despite his usual strictness, he was very satisfied with Ning Xi's performance.

"This girl isn't bad at all. She's a raw gem! If she stays on the right track, she might overtake you!"

Song Lin did not mind hearing such high praises for Ning Xi. Instead, she looked at the direction of the girl and smiled. "I never doubted that!"

Suddenly, Song Lin received a notification on her phone.

She picked it up and took a look, then her expression changed immediately.

Soon after, Jiang Xingzhou received a notification too. In one glance, he looked as shocked as Song Lin as rage filled him up.

Song Lin caught a glimpse of what was on his phone and she quickly tried to calm him down. "Director Jiang, please don't act rashly before we clarify things!"

Jiang Xingzhou had gone through a lot in life, after all, so he suppressed himself. "Let's finish this scene first. Don't affect her mood."

"Thank you, Director!" Song Lin was grateful, but at the same time, her face showed flashes of worry.

At this point, Ning Xi had no idea what was happening because she did not really pay any attention to anything else other than acting.

Until the evening and the shooting of the scene was over did Ning Xi realize that the crew members were acting oddly. They were glancing at their phones and whispering at each other while staring at her.

Ning Xi frowned and went towards Xiao Tao.

She noticed Xiao Tao was talking to someone on the phone anxiously.

"Xiao Tao?"

"Ah! Bro Xi!" Xiao Tao hung up the phone and looked at Ning Xi nervously.

"What's happened?" Ning Xi asked Xiao Tao.