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1638 You’d Be Single Forever

Chapter 1638: You’d Be Single Forever
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"That guy insisted on bringing you back and even personally carried you onto the bed!" Feng Xiaoxiao sold him out without hesitating.

Ning Xi was dumbfounded.

Was that guy suffering from schizophrenia?

His lying and acting were way out of the world.

"Damn! Just now he chased me out and even asked me why I was here!" Ning Xi complained.

Feng Xiaoxiao could not say anything.

Boss, you'll be single for your entire life if you keep this up!

"Anyway, you only went for an audition this morning. How did you pass out? Annie said you're emotionally unstable and too exhausted! Even an action scene wouldn't take you that much effort, would it?" Feng Xiaoxiao asked.

Ning Xi coughed lightly, "It happens sometimes when I'm too invested in my role. The main reason is probably cause I'm too tired recently…"

Feng Xiaoxiao did not doubt her. "Boss insisted on seeing your audition video…"

Ning Xi's heart sank. "What did he say?"

Feng Xiaoxiao shrugged. "I'm not sure. I told him that it wasn't a nice thing to do, then he chased me out of the car!"

Ning Xi glanced at Annie with a questioning look.

Annie seemed a little troubled, but she could not ignore Ning Xi's question, so she said awkwardly, "Nothing much... He just said a single word…"

"What is it?"


Ning Xi did not say anything.

Suddenly, Feng Xiaoxiao's phone rang.

A certain someone was calling.

"You send her back." It was the man's cold voice.

Feng Xiaoxiao's eyes lit up. Finally, he was up to something. Just as she wanted to play Cupid and tell her Little Junior Sister that he could be pretty normal at times, a harsh and bone-chilling voice came through the phone, "If you say anything to her, I'll break your leg!"

Feng Xiaoxiao was speechless.

She gave up on curing her own boss…

In the end, Feng Xiaoxiao did not say anything. "Little Junior Sister, your car is still at the police station. I'll send you back!"

Ning Xi nodded and did not reject her offer. She could not have flagged a taxi in a deserted area like this.

Ning Xi had just woken up and was still half conscious, but when she walked down the stairs with Feng Xiaoxiao, she was shocked to see the decoration in the place…

"W-what the heck!? Am I dreaming? Did I go to the wrong place?"

The creepy haunted house had been totally refurbished. The scary oil paintings on the wall had been swapped to colorful modern art pieces. The dark wooden furniture swapped for lighter ones as well, and freshly cut flowers were on the table. The ghost-like white curtains had been replaced by dreamy pink lace curtains…

Had the haunted house transformed into a princess's castle?!

"Just what happened? Why did his taste change so much?"

Feng Xiaoxiao was really annoyed when she saw her Little Junior Sister's ignorant expression, but she could not tell her "It was all for you".

Upstairs, by the window of the master room, the man lit up a cigarette as he looked at the girl leaving. The video of her audition was playing in a loop in his mind.

Idiot, hopefully, you won't regret after you find out the truth…