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1632 I’m Worried About You

Chapter 1632: I’m Worried About You
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After that, Ning Xi was brought into the visiting room.

The person sat down right across a piece of glass that separated the prisoners from their visitors. He rested his head on his palm lazily, looking like he was annoyed by this visit. Not only did he not look anything like a prisoner, he looked even more arrogant than ever as if he was not in prison, but his turf instead…

"What's the matter?"

He made it sound like this was his house.

This was her first time meeting him after knowing about his relationship with Lu Tingxiao. Ning Xi was not sure how to face him.

Ning Xi stared at him and was mumbling to herself silently, "Is this guy really Lu Tingxiao's brother from another mother? No matter their appearance and aura, there was nothing alike at all… How mysterious! Gene mutation?"

"Are you done gawking?" The man narrowed his eyes when he noticed Ning Xi staring at him.

Ning Xi then came back to her senses. "Um, nothing much. I'm just here to be the messenger. Are you done staying here? When are you leaving?"

Yun Shen looked aloof when he heard Ning Xi's reply. "Wrong answer."

He then was about to turn around and leave.

Ning Xi was shocked.

Was he about to just leave because he did not like what she said?

She even had to rush there…

"W-wait! Hey, wait!" Ning Xi stuck her face onto the glass in desperation. "What's with the wrong answer? Fine, even if it was a wrong answer, you can at least give me a hint!"

The man turned around and looked at her. He acted generously and sat back down before saying with a lazy tone, "I'll give you another chance. What are you here for?"

Oh no…

Ning Xi's mouth twitched and she had her hands to her forehead. What else could she be here for? She was just here to be a messenger! What else could it be?

That was the wrong answer, so what was the right one? What did he mean?

Ning Xi almost went crazy trying to figure out his logic…

After some time, Ning Xi blurted out, "Can I ask for help?"

The man raised his eyebrows a little.

Ning Xi assumed his silence to be a form of agreement, so she called Tang Ye.

"Hello? What's going on?"

Ning Xi started complaining subtly, "Don't worry. He looks perfectly fine. He can probably torture every one of us and still be fine! As for persuading him to come out... He's mad! I can't communicate with him at all! He asked me what am I here for. I told him I'm here to be the messenger and to ask him when he was leaving, then he told me that's the wrong answer. He wanted to leave after that. Now, it's my second chance to answer…"

Tang Ye remained silent. He was probably speechless by the situation as well.

Then, the phone seemed to have been snatched by Feng Xiaoxiao as her voice came through, "Idiot! Why are you here!? 'Because I'm worried about you!' Standard answer! Got it?"

Ning Xi was inarticulate.

Feng Xiaoxiao ranted to her, "Listen to me, Little Junior Sister. He's a person like that, and super childish at that. He just wants your attention!"

"It wouldn't be right?"

"Give it a try!"

"Whatever! I'll try to talk to him again. If it doesn't work, then I have no more ideas…"

She could never say that to him!

Even though she had actually been a little worried about him before…