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1614 Please Accept My Love For You

Chapter 1614: Please Accept My Love For You
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Orlando's request was immediately rejected by the director.

The final decision was to go with an ambiguous direction. Despite Orlando's keen interest in this mysterious Asian woman, King Xiang had dreams, yet the Goddess was not in the mood. The falling flowers pine for love, but the heartless brook ripples on [1].

Unfortunately, the point was that it was only Orlando's wishful thinking.

He imagined the way those cold and expressionless eyes would look at him disdainfully. He suddenly felt excited. To be rejected heartlessly by the queen felt remarkably moving too!


After Ning Xi returned to the hotel, she first reported the situation to Ling Zhizhi.

"Sis Zhizhi, today's shoot went pretty well. The two scenes are already done, but the director told me to stay for another two days because there might be some follow-ups that would need me!"

On the other end of the phone, Ling Zhizhi paused for a while when she heard this, but she did not say much. "Okay, got it."

Usually, they would not ask the artistes to remain with the crew after the shoot was done. Besides, Ning Xi's scenes would not have huge effects added to them, so there would not be any possibilities of changes unless... she had some scenes added later on.

However, this was a Hollywood film crew, after all. It was already a good thing if a Chinese artistes's scenes were not deleted off. Many artistes had followed through and were on-site for quite a few months, yet in the end, the edits left them with only a few shots. It was impossible for such a situation to add on scenes.

Ling Zhizhi dared not to be sure, so she did not say anything. Instead, she let Ning Xi continue waiting.

Ning Xi had just finished her shower and was lying on a deck chair on the balcony. The cool breeze was swaying the plants like a lullaby when suddenly there was a low and raspy singing voice, full of emotions that came from below...

"You satiate me with the taste of love

Like the night in the silence of the forest

Like the mountain, swollen in the throes of spring

Like the carefree, wandering in the rain

Like the feverish storm in the desert

Like the gentle and calm turquoise sea..."

Xiao Tao ran out of the room in an instant. "Ah... How pleasant to hear! This... This sounds like Orlando's voice!"

Before Orlando entered the acting industry, he had been a singer. His voice was very alluring and he had once held the title of the prince of love songs. Now on such a beautiful night, with such a beautiful scenery, he was singing this love song so passionately. It was enough to make all of the girls fall into the river of love...

Xiao Tao did not even bother with her face mask anymore. She removed it, then excitedly leaned over the railing to look down and excitedly cried out, "Ah! Bro Xi! It really is Orlando!"

At that moment, Orlando was standing under a rack of Japanese roses. Behind him was the gleaming lake surface. With his head of blonde hair and his blue eyes, he looked full of emotions as he peered up to Ning Xi's direction to sing. It was practically a romantic scene that only existed in old movies...

"Let me dedicate my life to you

Let me submerge into your smile

Let me die in your arms

Let me forever be by your side

Please accept my love for you..."

When she heard this, Xiao Tao suddenly came back to her senses from being drunk on the music. She covered her mouth in aghast. "Ah... Oh my God! Or-Orlando, what was the meaning of this?"

He was standing below Bro Xi's balcony to sing a love song and it was even... a love song with such lyrics...

Even though Orlando was singing in English, this song was incredibly popular. It was well-known in China too, so Xiao Tao was also very familiar with it and she understood all of the lyrics.

Ning Xi looked down and coincidentally her eyes met with Orlando's deeply emotional ones.

Ning Xi was speechless. She thought that even if Orlando felt anything towards her, he would not express it during the filming, yet now...

Ning Xi pinched between her brows. She was fretting about what to do with this situation when she heard Orlando's phone ring from downstairs.

At the same time, the window opposite opened. Ning Xi vaguely saw through the shadows of the tree that the person holding up the phone and angrily berating Orlando was Director Martin.

"Orlando! What did I tell you?!"

Orlando looked guilty as he was yelled at. "I just promised you... but... She's too cute, I could not help it! My dear Martin, if you've ever been in love with a lady, you'll definitely understand what I mean..."

"Shut up! Immediately leave that place!"