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1608 Feels Like Honeymoon

Chapter 1608: Feels Like Honeymoon
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Indeed, Ning Xueluo's mood was much better when she heard this. "Pay close attention to the audition results."

"Don't worry about that. I definitely will!" Chang Li guaranteed, then she took the advantage to ask, "Right, Xueluo... About what I said the last time... What about it? When can I leave Starlight?"

Now, her status in Starlight had taken a nosedive. Still, being in the entertainment industry meant that she met Ning Xi and Ling Zhizhi frequently. She was really too embarrassed to continue staying there, so she hoped that Ning Xueluo could let her enter Ning International's public relations department.

"We'll talk again. I've been staying at home myself, so how could I help you settle it?" Ning Xueluo's tone was annoyed. "You help me watch Ning Xi closely first. Otherwise, everything else is off the table!"

Chang Li knew that Ning Xueluo had thoughts of using her and squeezing every last piece of value out of her, yet she had no other choice. She could only respond lowly, "Got it..."

After she finished her call with Chang Li, Ning Xueluo opened a pregnancy test kit and walked into the bathroom.

Moments later, she walked out with a glum expression.

Damn it! I'm not pregnant...

She was not pregnant again!

Recently, Su Yan's days at home were getting lesser and lesser. She could even feel that he was intentionally evading her. Zheng Minjun was only becoming increasingly cold to her. What made her even more fearful was Ning Yaohua. The last time, he had actually vaguely investigated her to say something about how great it was if she had a younger brother. That way, he could have helped her and support her...

What a joke! Support?

If she really had a brother, if Ning Yaohua really had a son, where would she stand in the Ning family? She was afraid that she would not even be able to keep her shares!

Ning Yaohua was most afraid of Zhuang Lingyu. He definitely would not dare to mess around outside, so why would he suddenly have such thoughts?

Or maybe she was overthinking it...?


In a blink of an eye, it was the day to meet the crew.

The scene in "Thunderbolt Secret Service Squad" in China was to be shot at Province S in Sichuan City. The landscape in Sichuan City bore the most distinguishing features of China akin to a landscape ink painting.

Because the movie shoot this time had a huge promotional effect, Sichuan City had sealed off their scenic area especially for the crew to shoot. The hotels that the artistes stayed in were complimentary as well.

"Wow, the view is amazing! If it were the holiday peak season, the hotel rooms here would need to be booked three months in advance!"

Xiao Tao excitedly pushed open the hotel windows. The vast emerald green bamboo forest came into sight with the sound of a river flowing. Not too far away were dark mountains and the sounds of birds chirping...

"Oh, Bro Xi, I wish that you wouldn't always just pass in one shot. That way, we could stay here for a few more days!"

Ning Xi was stretching her legs on top of the railings when she heard Xiao Tao. She turned her head and laughed as she looked at Xiao Tao. "I'm sorry, my dear. I'm afraid I'll have to disappoint you!"

With that single endearment and that confident and dazzling expression, Xiao Tao indicated that she had been attacked by a knowing look, then she quickly snapped a picture of the breathtaking scenery.

"Bro Xi, can I post a Weibo?" Xiao Tao animatedly showed the picture she had just taken to Ning Xi.

Ning Xi did not look closely at it. "Sure, go ahead."

Ning Xi signing on to this film had already officially been announced, so she could already reveal her journey to the fans.

Xiao Tao swiftly and happily posted a Weibo status.

[ (shy) hazukashi [1] ~ kind feels like I'm on a honeymoon with Bro Xi! ]

The background of the picture was the elegant scenery outside the window. Under the glow of the setting sun, Ning Xi was stretching her legs. The high difficulty and extremely precise movements complemented the girl's figure incredibly well, especially that confident yet doting smile that faced the camera, which really sent one's emotions all over the place, wiping out men and women alike..