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1534 Companionship Is The Best Confession

Chapter 1534: Companionship Is The Best Confession

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She was reminded of the time when she had clinched the role of Meng Changge. She did not even have a person to share the happiness with back then.

As she was about to indulge in hotpot alone at home, Lu Tingxiao had dropped by with the little bun suddenly. The father and son pair then congratulated her over dinner…

"What's up?" Lu Tingxiao tousled her hair and asked as he saw Ning Xi was staring blankly into space.

Ning Xi smiled and shook her head. "Nothing, I just remembered when you first brought the little bun to my house. You were the first person to congratulate me back then."

Without realizing, this man had walked alongside her for this long.

From being an unknown little artiste until now that she had made a name for herself in her dream career, from what she thought would be impossible, they were now connected through their hearts…

In the next few days, Ning Xi was back to filming and she finished off what was left of "Nine Realms".

Meng Shiyi looked withered. Even makeup could not cover up her haggard looks, but she was very cooperative until the end. The filming process went on smoothly.

"Ohh, we're done!"


"Good work everyone!"

"Oh, I'll miss everybody!"

"I'll really miss everyone here too!"

After the final scene, everyone cheered and some even cried. The assistant director brought out a cake for the celebration as many people exchanged their contacts and hugged each other, reluctant to leave.

Even though it was not her first time experiencing this, it was still one of Ning Xi's happiest moments.

"Hey! What about me? You only care about the girls!" Jiang Muye's expression darkened.

Ning Xi smiled at the prideful blonde. "Thanks for your hard work, Senior Jiang!"

"Hmph…" Jiang Muye's expression was a little awkward when the girl hugged him tightly. He sighed quietly.

Maybe he should be glad that he had kept the secret, which allowed him to still be by her side, unlike a certain someone else.

He wondered what Ning Xi had done to Mo Yuxiu, who seemed rather depressed lately. He could imagine all kinds of torturous stuff Ning Xi could have done to him!

After a while, people started adjourning to the nearby Four Seasons Hotel for dinner together.

Ning Xi was walking towards the parking lot when she spotted someone waiting for her there.

It was Meng Shiyi.

Meng Shiyi shivered like a terrified little animal when she saw her. She did not utter a word. She just bowed and ran away as if some enormous beast was chasing her.

Back then, a certain beast had gotten ahold of Meng Shiyi and was about to let Ning Xi end her life.

Ning Xi rolled her eyes and rejected the chance. She did not have a hobby of killing people. She merely said that "Nine Realms" was not done filming yet, then she left.

Because of her, Meng Shiyi was able to keep her life…

That particular beast had annihilated the Qing Xuan Gang in a night. The henchmen all moved over to his gang while most of the higher-ups ended up dead or injured. Meng Zhenhuan was imprisoned. In addition to that, the entertainment company Meng Shiyi belonged to went bankrupt and was leveraged.

After Yun Shen came back, he was supposed to take over the Qing Xuan Gang to control the underground forces anyway, but for some reason, he did not do it for a long time. Her kidnapping became the fuse and triggered this incident to happen earlier than expected