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1519 It“s Easier To Invite The Devil In Than Send Him Away

Chapter 1519: It's Easier To Invite The Devil In Than Send Him Away

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This lightning attack had happened in just three short seconds.

The blonde who kept boot-licking, the tall, skinny guy who held his handphone to vulgarly shoot the spectacle, and the perverted, big-sized guy... All the subordinates around them holding equipment were stunned like Medusa's statues!

After Ning Xi stuffed the tiny apparatus into the man's stomach, she did not care about him anymore and thrust him away like he was trash. Then, she walked unhurriedly to the tiger fur seat where the tattooed leader had sat on earlier. Sshe casually propped up her legs and skimmed lazily at everyone.

"My god!"

"This c*nt!"

"Catch her!"


At that moment, the stunned subordinates finally returned to their senses and all of them hooted as they ran towards her.

Ning Xi looked carefreely at them run towards her. Amidst the crowd's raging call for murder, she raised her fair hand and in her fingers was a bright red device that looked like a switch.

"All of you, come back! Come back!" Behind them, that tattooed leader howled his lungs out, then he fell to Ning Xi's feet and was scared witless. "Don't! Don't, don't, don't! Don't touch it! It's dangerous... Dangerous..."

The leader wept and bawled as he used his hand to desperately dig at his throat, trying to vomit out the thing he had swallowed. Helplessly, this thing had really seemed to grow roots once it entered him. He just could not get it out no matter how...

At that second, everyone else was terrified when they saw the switch in Ning Xi's hand. They subconsciously took a few steps backward.

The man had swallowed a microbomb. After it entered the stomach, it would automatically be absorbed by the stomach wall. Even though it was minute in size, once the switched was flicked, the power was enough to annihilate a person into pieces.

And now, this switch that controlled his life and death was in the woman's hand.

The woman wore a cute and pretty dress. She was clearly still the same person, yet now the character she gave off was entirely different. Her expression was not that bone-chilling. She even smirked and smiled faintly, yet he felt like he had just come face to face with the devil.

Even though he was just a subsection gang leader, he still had the ability to make a discerning judgment. In hindsight, the entire process of her snatching the gun and forcing him to swallow the bomb were not skills a regular person would have. Even if she had done martial stunt doubling and had some foundation in fighting, she definitely would not have been able to do that to that extent...

Especially this woman's posture of holding the gun... One look and you would know she was experienced!

In fact, she unexpectedly knew how to handle these types of new firearms like the back of her hand. How would a normal person know that this was a bomb?

Bloody hell! What kind of person had they provoked?

There was not enough time for the leader to think much. He was scared out of his wits as he stared at the fuse in the woman's hand. He started to beg for forgiveness without a care for his image. "Big sister..."

Ning Xi's eyes narrowed. "Hmm? What did you call me?"

"Big... No, no, no! Great aunt! I failed to recognize your importance and great talent. Please be magnanimous! That thing really cannot be simply toyed with!"

Something flashed in the corner of Ning Xi's eyes. She got up and kicked the blonde who had tried to come and snatch the device from her hand. "Tsk, leader, looks like someone wants you to die sooner!"

"Bastard! Are you trying to die?! No one move!" The leader snarled, then kicked the blonde guy again after he had been kicked to confusion by Ning Xi.

Then, he looked carefully at Ning Xi again. "Great aunt, I'm wrong... I really know it's my fault... I'll send you out now. How about that?"

Ning Xi spun the fuse under the leader's frightened gaze and giggled. "Send me out?"

"Yes, yes, yes..."