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1496 Did Darling Not Miss Me?

Chapter 1496: Did Darling Not Miss Me?

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After she finished filming in Movie City, Ning Xi followed the crew of "Nine Realms" and traveled across the country to shoot in different locations.

Some time passed, and finally, after the shooting session today, she could return to Imperial.

Coincidentally, the last scene was filmed in Chang Chun City, and it was exactly in the maize field in Spring Breeze Town.

A sex scene in "Heroes of War" had been filmed here. So was the last time she had jumped onto her darling... Too bad they did not do it then…

During this period of time, there were no scenes of Ke Mingyu at all. It had been a long time since she last saw Lu Tingxiao, and Ning Xi was really longing to see both the big and the little bun, but now that she was in Chang Chun City, she might as well take the chance to fulfill her promise to Tang Nuo.

After she talked to Tang Nuo about it, Lu Tingxiao called her.


"Are you coming back today?"

"Mmm, I remembered that I promised Xiao Nuo to have dinner with them. Coincidentally, I'm at Chang Chun City today, so I'll head over for dinner before going back. I'll probably be home pretty late!" Ning Xi said.

"Don't rush back if it's too late. You can come back tomorrow."

"Mmm, I got it!"

"Going to a meeting in a bit. Talk to you soon."

"Okay, get back to work! My work's starting soon as well!"

Ning Xi was a little down after she hung up the phone. After not seeing each other for so long, did her darling not miss her at all? He had actually asked her to not rush and come back tomorrow…

Evening soon came.

All the scenes were completed that day. Ning Xi bade farewell to the crew, then she told Xiao Tao that she was going nearby to visit a relative. Afterward, she drove towards the Tang residence.

There was a path that could not be accessed by car, so Ning Xi parked her car by the roadside and started walking.

The moment she got down from the car, she saw a familiar silhouette.

"Sis!" Tang Nuo was a little taken aback when he saw her, but he appeared overjoyed.

Ning Xi did not disguise herself as a rural-looking girl this time. She was dressed as her real self. She had removed her makeup and put on her normal clothes after she was done with work. Although her face was bare, her skin glowed, and her facial features looked really pretty. Her naturally curly, seaweed-like hair matched her mint-green long dress, making her look youthful and beautiful.

"Xiao Nuo, why are you here?"

"I'm here to get you!" The young man said as-a-matter-of-factly. His eyes were shining as he looked at her. "Sis, people online say that you look really amazing... I didn't believe them at first! I thought it's all the work of Photoshop…"

Ning Xi was speechless. "Please! I'm the real deal, alright? Are you really my brother?!"

Ning Xi said it without giving much thought to it, but after that, she realized it made things awkward between them…

Ning Xi quickly changed the topic, "Let's go now. Don't let your parents wait for too long!"

"Mmm! After knowing that you're coming, Mother went to the market very early in the morning. Father went fishing as well and caught some very fresh produce…" Tang Nuo started chatting with Ning Xi.

"Ah, I almost forgot! You've gotten a really high mark on your exams, so there shouldn't be any problem for you to get into a university in Imperial, should there? My brother is amazing! Have you gotten your university acceptance letter? Let me take a picture and show it off!"

Tang Nuo looked a little embarrassed. "Not yet! I'm still waiting for it…"