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1489 Not Brought Up Wrongly

Chapter 1489: Not Brought Up Wrongly

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Many people were looking closely at the activities on the Net.

In the Zhuang's living room, Zhuang Liaoyuan, Zhuang Zongren, and Meng Linlang were present.

They knew what was happening. It was obvious that someone was pulling some strings behind the scenes. If it were not handled properly, it would become really troublesome. The worst thing was that if they intervened, even if the final result proved that Xiao Xi was innocent, the rumors would never end. People could still accuse them of protecting Ning Xi…

Out of wanting to protect Ning Xi's reputation, they had to consider carefully. As the three of them were discussing what actions to take, Zhuang Keer, who was looking at her laptop, screamed with excitement. She took her laptop to them hurriedly. "Father, Mother, Grandfather... Look at this!"

The three of them looked at each other questioningly, then stared at the screen together. They then saw the large number of transaction details and the gratitude letters from the children, including the childish words and drawings…

Zhuang Keer searched through some of the latest news about Ning Xi's work in charity which consisted of interviews with various people, including caretakers, teachers, and also many innocent faces of children…

"Yes, Sis Xiao Xi just came by a few days ago! She brought us many food and books!"

"I like Sis Xiao Xi the most!"

"When is Sis Xiao Xi coming again?"

Not just interviews, the journalists also found a lot of old videos…

Zhuang Keer looked really proud when she saw these. "I told you guys there's nothing to be worried about!"

For some reason, no matter what happened, she had complete trust in Xiao Xi.

Even though she knew Ning Xueluo was her cousin by blood, she would never waver to stand on Ning Xi's side.

The discussion on the Internet was overturned. The negative rumors about Ning Xi as well as the suspicions of the higher-ups and even the Charity Fund Association all disappeared.

There was no need for them to intervene anymore. No doubt this was the best outcome.

Zhuang Zongren looked at the videos and sighed with sympathy, "Such a good child, yet she had to go through so much…"

Meng Linlang knew what Zhuang Zongren was thinking about and she smiled. "Father, you should be happy that Ning Xi didn't grow up with her parents! If not, she might've been brought up wrongly! Look at how great she is now!"

"Uhh…" Zhuang Liaoyuan coughed lightly. Despite his wife being a little blunt, she was telling the truth.

Of course, just getting a tie was not enough.

Ling Zhizhi had to make a counterattack, but she did not have to do anything really. Many people on the Net could easily think of who was behind this accusation towards Ning Xi.

The overlooked Ning Xueluo was once again brought into the spotlight, but for all the wrong reasons.

[Now, I understand what it means by "don't judge a book by its cover". Not all beauties are evil!]

[Ning Xi is actually pretty unfortunate. Everyone said that she's only relying on her looks, but to me, not only did her looks not help, her looks attracted her a lot of unfair treatment too!]

[Seriously, with Bro Xi's gorgeousness, if she really wanted to, she could've just married into a rich family already! Why suffer so much in the entertainment industry?]

[Someone should really shut up now! Whatever it is, she can't travel back five years in time to do all these things, can she?]

[A certain someone's really great at pulling strings! As for who's that certain someone, I believe I don't have to specify who it is, do I?]