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1488 Instant Turn

Chapter 1488: Instant Turn

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Just moments after Ning Xi made her clarification, Ning Xueluo changed her ammunition. They knew they could not bring Ning Xi down with the first two points, so they focused on the third one.

Soon, some users started claiming that they were insiders and were going to leak news. They accused Ning Xi of being an evil hypocrite. The false rumors of her using the funds collected from the charity for her own purposes and earning loads of money in the name of charity seemed extremely detailed as if they had been hiding under Ning Xi's bed all along and knew about every single thing she did.

The matter this time around involved the senior management. If Ning Xi were to have such nasty rumors flying around, they would not sit idly by and do nothing about it. They would at least investigate her as a result of the pressure from the public.

Although Chang Li did not have any solid proof, too many artistes had been doing such tactics in the industry, so she assumed that Ning Xi must have done it as well. If she were able to spread this across the Internet and involve the higher-ups, the moment they found one bit of her dirty deals, then Ning Xi would be done for…

"Xueluo, do you know how much Ning Xi's house in Peachwood costs? And she bought several sports cars recently... Even if she became famous now, it's only recently that she shot to the limelight. It's impossible for her to have made this much money. Including her pay from filming and her endorsements, she still wouldn't have this much! Something must be going on here…" Chang Li smirked confidently.

Of course!

Ning Xueluo laughed coldly. DId Ning Xi think she could live peacefully after hooking onto Zhuang Keer?

She was going to turn them into bitter curses…

With Ning Xueluo's effort, rumors soon floated around on the Internet. Many netizens were not smart enough to distinguish the truth, and they just sided with whichever direction the discussion was progressing towards. At this point, everything was going smoothly as Ning Xueluo had predicted.

She did not believe that the Zhuangs would still do nothing when Ning Xi messed up like this. They would never let Ning Xi bring them down!

Although she could not find traces of Ning Xi's underhanded activity, if the Zhuang family was involved, they would surely be able to…

And yet…

This time, Ning Xueluo's plan failed again.

Chang Li started off by attacking Ning Xi's character. She made up various statements and defamed her, framed her as a hypocrite of using charity as a veil to cover up her dirty deals, and she tried to convince everyone that Ning Xi would pocket the charity funds.

Then, when the matter became more severe and they were about to bring it a step further, a document was released on Ning Xi's official Weibo account.

The document recorded the charity activities Ning Xi had done in the past.

They included receipts of fund transactions and gratefully written letters from sponsored students. There was a trail of Ning Xi having been involved in charity since she was 18, and she had never stopped until now.

If Ning Xi had really been doing charity just for show and as a method to stand out from her peers, then what about before she joined the entertainment industry? Why did she have to do all these?

Ling Zhizhi did not have to do anything else. The journalists went to the areas mentioned in the document and started collecting evidence…

If it were just a few places or several people, it might still be fake, but after going through all the listed sources, they were all proven real. Following that, the whole discussion instantly took a different turn.

At first, no one knew why the higher-ups had picked Ning Xi, even appointing and fully supporting her to become the ambassador of the charity fund, but now they understood why.