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1487 Comments War

Chapter 1487: Comments War

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Several days ago, the Internet was filled with all sorts of big shots and celebrities riled up with posts of Ning Xueluo's wedding invitation and door gift. Everyone was waiting to see how popular it would be after the actual wedding happened.

In the end, no one would have thought that the wedding would conclude with such a pathetic ending.

Ning Xueluo's grand wedding had been slapped in the face by Ning Xi's small charity event until they could not lift their heads...

Suddenly, there were all sorts of voices online. There were those laughing at Ning Xueluo, and there were some gossiping about Ning Xi's supporters. There were also many who thought that Ning Xueluo spending more than a billion on a wedding was luxuriously wasteful. On the other hand, the first thing Ning Xi did after she rose to fame was charity, making the difference between them obvious when they were compared to each other.

Very soon, this netizen's comment was pushed to the list of hot topics. Suddenly, all those who had initially been unhappy with Ning Xueluo's great fanfare of a wedding started to speak out.

[Hehe, Ning Xueluo wasn't organizing her own wedding. She was just giving the media a wedding! It was all for show only!]

[I've long wanted to say that these few days, Feng Yilan, who had won the Nobel Prize and brought honor to our country, didn't receive any attention. Instead, the coverage was all on a female artiste's wedding. Can this society be any better?]

[I think that this Charity Fund Association and the upper-class people probably can't bear to watch, and had intentionally made this happen to fix the morale of the entertainment industry!]


Initially, the Internet was full of ridicule and criticisms towards Ning Xueluo. When afternoon came, the course of events had slowly changed.

[Despite things turning out like this, don't you think that this has been rather strange from the start to the end? Why was Ning Xi's charity event coincidentally on the same day as Ning Xueluo's wedding, and was even just upstairs?]

[Even if this whole thing was the upper society's intentions, there are so many senior big shots in the entertainment industry. Why did they choose a female artiste that had become popular overnight?]

[Wedding is the most important thing in a woman's life, so what if it was a little grand when they have the means? It's not only Ning Xueluo who's like this! It's a little unfair to condemn her for this, don't you think? Instead, it's Ning Xi's charity event that was done too deliberately, as if she was putting on a show!]

[Hehe, there's more to this charity fund. Do you think artistes aren't really setting up charity funds to earn money? Have you guys forgotten Wang Hao and Fang Yihua's scandal?]


Up until the end, the comments led towards the three points: "Ning Xi intentionally choosing this day to steal Ning Xueluo's limelight", "Ning Xi has strong supporters", and "Ning Xi is using the charity fund to fish for a quick buck".

The former two were fine since almost all female artistes would encounter such gossip. Those with no evidence would fall apart after several days, but it was the latter that was severe enough to ruin an artiste.

Previously, Wang Hao's charity fraud had caused her reputation a devastating decline. The vague accounts under Fang Yihua's fund and other scandals had not only caused him to be unable to continue in the entertainment circle, but he was even almost imprisoned...

One could see how vicious this move of Ning Xueluo's was.

"Dang, these people are so shameless! We clearly decided on the time and venue in advance. Who would want their event to intentionally be on the same day as theirs?!" Despite preparing in advance, when they saw the comments online, Xiao Tao was still furious.

"Put up the first evidence first," Ling Zhizhi instructed.

"Mmm, understood!" Xiao Tao immediately logged on to Weibo and put up the evidence of them booking the time and venue three months in advance.