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1486 Thorough Preparation

Chapter 1486: Thorough Preparation

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In order to quickly earn enough dowry and begin her journey to her life's peak to exchange the ultimate romance ax, the "marriage certificate", Ning Xi had run over in the middle of the night to Ling Zhizhi's place as if she had been injected chicken blood [1].

After the charity event ended, Ling Zhizhi did not go home. Instead, she had gone straight to the office. Apart from that, Xiao Tao and the public relations staff had all been called over that very night too.

This time, Ning Xueluo's so-called "wedding of the century" had been completely ruined. Starlight Entertainment would not sit idly and would most likely accuse them. Thus, the moment the event ended, Ling Zhizhi immediately summoned all the manpower and made thorough preparation to respond to Starlight Entertainment's tricks.

Early morning the next day, all the newspapers and the entire Internet were filled with reports on the wedding banquet between the Su and the Ning family.

What was different from everyone's expectations was that all of the wedding reports had been followed by Ning Xi's name and an unknown charity event.

"Ning Xi's Charity Fund Ceremony Rapidly Wiped Out The Wedding Of The Century"

"Exclusive Deciphering Of The Mystery About Ning Xueluo's Wedding Of The Century's Premature End"

"Charity Function Of The Century Versus Wedding Of The Century"


Related reports had described the entire flow of events in incredible detail. Ning Xueluo's wedding had gone from a full house to being deserted, and the charity event upstairs was a controversial grandeur in the entire Imperial...

"Pfft, this is too funny! I want to see how the people from Starlight are going to gloat after this! They've been completed wiped out by us Glory World!"

"Exactly, our Glory World's little charity ceremony was already enough to crush their wedding of the century!"

"Ever since Su Yimo collapsed, many people have said that our Glory World is about fall and they come up with all sorts of badmouthing. It's so infuriating! Now, I'd really like to see if they dare shoot their mouth! Elevating another A-lister is a piece of cake for Glory World, alright?"

"I'm just afraid that it'll be another Su Yimo..."

"Probably not. I feel that Ning Xi didn't change at all after she was promoted. She's still quite nice. Previously, when I was bullied by Meng Shiyi, she even helped me out!"

"Speaking of which... The last time my show was interrupted by Starlight people, it was also Ning Xi who helped me resolve it. Bro Xi's fighting skills are super strong! She had only said a few words then and frightened that director into immediately returning the show's slot to me..."

"Mmm... Previously, when Su Yimo was around, she only knew how to extract from us, especially us female artistes who have clashing opportunities against her. She watched us as if she was afraid that we'd waver her position but Ning Xi is quite helpful in covering up our errors instead..."

"That's the difference between someone with capabilities and someone with none, okay? Based on our Bro Xi's capabilities, she wouldn't be worried about being rattled!"


Compared to Glory World's Entertainment's light-hearted and pleasing atmosphere, the entire Starlight Entertainment was pervaded with a layer of dark clouds.

Yesterday, half of their company had gone to support Ning Xueluo's wedding. As they watched Ning Xueluo being embarrassed and awkward, they felt ashamed too. Of course, there were many who were rejoicing in this misfortune of hers...

Inside Chang Li's office.

On the first day of her newlywed status, Ning Xueluo had arrived early, and the expression on her face right now was an unprecedented indication that storms lay ahead.

Chang Li was frantically busy. When she was finally free, she said, "Xueluo, just let them gloat for a little while. In the afternoon, I've prepared to leak out the good news... This time, we'll definitely make Ning Xi receive the consequences!"

When she heard Chang Li's words, Ning Xueluo's expression did not soften. Just because they had tricks up their sleeves did not mean that Ling Zhizhi's side was not on guard. It was not realistic to topple Ning Xi with just these. They needed a more effective strategy...

[1] "been injected chicken blood" - to indicate that someone is really excited