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1455 Su Family“s Eldest Daughter-In-Law

Chapter 1455: Su Family's Eldest Daughter-In-Law

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"Satisfied? If there's anything you're not happy about, feel free to let me know. I will have him satisfy all of your requests. After all, getting married is a once in a lifetime occassion. You definitely cannot skimp!" Su Yan's mother's tone was extraordinarily affectionate.

When she heard the gentle generosity in her voice, Ning Xueluo already knew that she might have something else to say. Something flashed in her eyes, then she quickly spoke in a tone that seemed overwhelmed by the affection, "Aunty, I'm very happy! Actually, it really doesn't have to be so troublesome. As long as I can be with Bro Yan, everything else doesn't matter! Weddings are just a matter of formality!"

"That can't do. You're our eldest daughter-in-law. Obviously, we cannot make you feel guilty at all! Whatever it is, as long as you're happy, that's good..." Su Yan's mother assured. Indeed, the topic changed and she continued, "Xueluo, how about the thing that I talked to you about the last time? Is anyone from the Zhuang family coming over?"

Ning Xueluo's expression turned broody, but she maintained her obedient and sweet tone to say, "Aunty, don't worry. Things are already starting to look up. I will do my best to invite them. It shouldn't be too much of a problem!"

When she heard Ning Xueluo's answer, Su Yan's mother was satisfied and she reminded her to invite the Zhuangs for a few times again before hanging up.

Su Hongguang's bastard, Su Xun, had married the third daughter of the Zhao family, Zhao Shanshan. The Zhao family was increasing in their dominance recently, and their threat to Su Yan was increasingly huge as well. At such a time, such a huge slip-up had occurred on Ning Xueluo's side too. She had to plan for Su Yan's future.

Ning Xueluo took a deep breath as she took out her phone and made a call. "Have you ordered the bracelet?"

The other end of the phone was Chang Li's voice. "I did, I just retrieved it from the store. Should I deliver it over to you now?"

"Send it straight to the beauty parlor."



Ning Xueluo walked back into the room after her call.

The store manager quickly walked over and spoke nervously, "Madam Su, it looks like they forgot to prepare the bracelet!"

"No worries, I will arrange it myself here."

"Oh, okay, okay..."


After she left the wedding dress studio, Ning Xueluo drove to a membership-based beauty parlor that all the top rich daughters and socialities loved to frequent the most.

At the entrance, Chang Li was already waiting there with a black velvet box in her hand. When she saw Ning Xueluo walk over, she quickly delivered the items to her.

Ning Xueluo opened it up to take a look. After she confirmed that there was no problem, she said, "Is everything ready on the media's end?"

"Don't worry, it's all been prepared. They have even written the articles in advance. It won't be a problem to hog the entire month's hot topic," Chang Li confirmed with a confident tone.

Quite a few days ago, the media had already begun to promote the wedding of the century. From Ning Xueluo's wedding dress, the ring, and the crown to the hotel dishes and the door gifts, every step was to lay the foundations for the day that the wedding officially happened.

"Mmm, that's enough. You can go home."

Ning Xueluo nodded, then she walked into the beauty parlor.

Chang Li looked suspiciously at Ning Xueluo's direction, not understanding why she had secretly bought such an expensive bracelet for herself.

Weren't all the accessories used during the wedding prepared by the Su family?


The membership to the beauty parlor that Ning Xueluo arrived at was only open to Imperial's socialities, thus even if Ning Xueluo used her A-lister female artiste identity, she would not be able to go in. However, she was the daughter of the Ning family and the future Madam Su, so naturally, she managed to become a prestigious member.

Ning Xueluo was greeted with a familiar store assistant's smile and congratulatory wishes the moment she arrived.

"Miss Ning, you're here! I'd like to congratulate you in advance!"

"Congratulations on the big wedding! May you live a long and happy life together!"