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1447 Control The Scale Well

Chapter 1447: Control The Scale Well

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"Ning Xi, Mingyu, come here, the two of you. I want to run through the scene with you!" Guo Qisheng waved and called them over.

"Have you familiarized yourselves with the script?"

Ning Xi and Ke Mingyu nodded together.

"You not only have to be familiar with it. You must even mull over it completely. This scene is a very important turning point in terms of Yun Huang's feelings. It's important to portray the character's change of heart, reflecting the character's personality, and not on how erotic the sex scene will be shot.

"We're a reputable drama crew. We don't need to rely on sex scenes to attract eyeballs, so we won't need to shoot the scene so explicitly. Just remember that later when you're shooting it. You must treat it with a professional attitude. You must control the scale well... Understand?"

Guo Qisheng's expression was a little stern when he said this. In fact, he put emphasis on looking intently at Ke Mingyu when he spoke.

In the past, there were male artistes who had taken advantage of intimate scenes to cozy up to female artistes, especially those as popular and pretty as Ning Xi. It would be more likely for her to encounter such a situation.

Out of Guo Qisheng's protectiveness over Ning Xi, he naturally emphasized warning Ke Mingyu to let him know what should and should not be done.

"Understood." Ke Mingyu nodded.

"Mmm!" Ning Xi echoed.

Sigh, this scene was indeed quite a test of her professionalism... The director was not wrong in bringing this up!

"The two of you have collaborated once in 'Dream Chaser' before. Coincidentally, you save time in trying to break the ice, so let's strive for a one-take! Avoid at all costs what I mentioned earlier... The main effect that I want to portray is the character's internal struggle... I want substance... I want sex without the obscenities..."

Guo Qisheng rattled on in concern for quite a while before he finally let them go off to prepare.

It was not long after Ning Xi and Ke Mingyu left that Mo Yuxiu strolled to Guo Qisheng.

"Director Guo."

"Yuxiu, do you need me for anything? Are your scenes for the day finished?"

"I do have something to bring up. I think that the next scene between Ning Xi and Ke Mingyu is a little inappropriate," Mo Yuxiu spoke with a cold expression.

Jiang Muye had been staring at Mo Yuxiu right from the start. Now that he saw this situation, he immediately straightened his back and perked up his ears as he looked over. Oh, it looked like someone finally could not help it! Very good! He did not need to make a move!

Jiang Muye's mind was still thinking about when they had shot "The World", including that man-made rain and the many intimate scenes that had been deleted. Helplessly, he did not dare to take revenge...

"Oh? How is it inappropriate?" Guo Qisheng immediately asked.

Guo Qisheng was a director that was very patient at listening to other people's opinions. Mo Yuxiu's status in the crew was no less than the male lead, so Guo Qisheng rather valued his opinions.

"Yun Huang is one of the female leads, yet she has intercourse with someone apart from the male lead. Many viewers may especially find storylines like this a taboo. Director Guo, are you sure that later when it's released, this storyline won't crumble Yun Huang's image and the entire plot?" Mo Yuxiu articulated with a serious expression that said, "I am completely considering this on behalf of the crew and definitely do not have any selfish motives".

Guo Qisheng muttered to himself for a while after he listened to the man. "When the novel was first made into a series, this part was indeed the storyline that created the most controversy among readers. Many readers expressed that they could not accept Yun Huang getting together with someone apart from the male lead..."

Mo Yuxiu immediately said, "So, when we adapt it into a television series, can't we make some changes to this part of the storyline?"


"Even if you arrange the second male lead to be with Yun Huang, that would definitely create a better effect than Liu Yan. Even though the second male lead, Nan Gongchen, and Yun Huang are arch-enemies in the series, their relationship later is actually quite ambiguous when they fight. Many readers liked this pairing. Wouldn't the effect be even better if you just changed it to a love-hate relationship?" Mo Yuxiu suggested without batting an eyelid.