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1402 How Bored Was He?

Chapter 1402: How Bored Was He?

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The scene had finally smoothly finished after re-shooting several times.

Ning Xi sat on the chair and started waiting for the last "scene of death" to arrive.

After her scene with Jiang Muye, it was Meng Shiyi and Jiang Muye's scene, which was also a fighting scene. Meng Shiyi was clearly experienced. She shot three scenes in a single take, earning everyone's cheers.

"Sis Shiyi is really amazing!"

"Proving herself to be the Capability Camp! All scenes were done in one take!"

"I heard that when Ning Xi shot 'The World', she was also famous for getting scenes done in a take!"

"It was probably fake rumors. Even though her acting isn't bad, it's obviously not on the same level as our Sis Shiyi's!"


When she was done shooting, Meng Shiyi carried an air of smugness as she looked mockingly towards Ning Xi's direction.

Ning Xi was troubled, so obviously, she had no mood to care about Meng Shiyi's pomp.

Finally, it was time for the last scene, yet a certain "Big Shot Cameo" had not arrived.

Guo Qisheng looked at the watch on his wrist. "Um, everyone let's break for a while!"

He was the one with the money and they only needed to wait for a while, thus naturally the crowd did not have any opinions. Instead, because they knew that this scene would involve the cameo of the legendary rich Boss Yun, everyone was incredibly excited.

Meng Shiyi's scenes were over, but she did not have any intentions of leaving. She remained seated and touched up her makeup while she looked the entrance from time to time.

Ning Xi had long changed into the makeup and costume for that particular scene. One hand propped up her tilted head, while the other tapped on the chair's armrest. Her eyes were spinning round and round.

Hmm, maybe that guy had just simply mentioned doing the cameo but was not planning to come from the start.

She heard Annie say that he had been very busy since he returned to China, always moving in and out elusively. He probably would not come over to do such a boring thing just to mess with her, would he?

The more Ning Xi thought about it, the more she felt it was possible!

"CEO Yun! You're finally here!" She was just thinking about this when she heard Guo Qisheng's excited voice.

Then, she saw the director, executive producer, filmmaker and the whole huge lot of main creatives walk towards the entrance.

As she watched that head of familiar, unbridled white hair...

Ning Xi was done.

He had really come. How bored could he be?

When he saw this dude appear at such a place like the drama set, it gave her some sort of unrealistic feeling.

He was very handsome. Not only did the light scar on above his brows not affect his looks, instead it added a dangerous and flirtatious air to him.

That extremely unique charisma was completely unlike those teen idols that the entertainment industry kept churning out. He was akin to a species that only lived in the dark of the night, accidentally trespassing in the broad daylight that he did not belong to.

"Bro Yun!"

When she saw who was there, Meng Shiyi immediately gathered her skirts and ran over in small steps. She had still been a composed and steady movie queen a second ago, yet now she embodied the spirit of a little girl.

When they heard Meng Shiyi's intimate call, all the actors and crew members present started to whisper and revealed a shocked expression.

"Dang! Meng Shiyi and CEO Yun know each other?"

"Meng Shiyi has a pretty strong background. It's not too weird if she knows someone like him. I've heard previously that the two seem to be long-time family friends!"

The female artistes, who had been eyeing Yun Shen covetously, all suddenly looked disappointed. A piece of fat meat had finally come, yet it had already been eyed by the eagle.

Meng Shiyi was not one to be messed with. Would that not mean all of them had no hope at all now?