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1309 A Moving Gold Mine

Chapter 1309: A Moving Gold Mine

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A head of unbridled white hair and that demonic look instantly attracted everyone's gaze.

If it was a normal person with a head of white hair, it would turn heads and send tongues wagging, but this person did not look out of sorts. He was supposed to be like that, akin to poppy; even though one knew that it was poisonous, one still could not help but fall into its trap.

Many of the female socialites looked over in a daze.

"Who's that man?"

"So...so handsome! But how have I never seen him? Logically, with such extraordinary charisma, I wouldn't not remember if I've seen him!"


Among the buzz and whispers, someone in the crowd suddenly gasped excitedly, "Is that...could that be the legendary CEO Yun?"

"What? Which CEO Yun?"

"Yi Lan Investment Group's CEO!"

"Whoa! No way! Isn't that the tycoon that suddenly appeared recently and brought huge amounts of capital back into the country?"

"Well...I'm not too sure because neither has anyone ever seen how that CEO looks like, nor do we know how old he is, but the rumors say that he has a head of white hair. Plus with this man's aura, I made such a deduction!"


Amidst the discussions in the crowd, no one dared to walk over to him because they were not sure of his identity until the event organizer, the old CEO of Mingyuan Technology wiped his sweat on his brow and rushed to the white-haired man with his personal assistant. Then, he respectfully led the man in.

When they saw this, there were instantly gasps among the crowd!

"It really...is him?"

"I shouldn't be wrong. That person must be the CEO of Yi Lan's Investment Group, Yun Shen! Mingyuan Technology was initially just an above average tech company, and it was because Yi Lan Group invested $ 10 billion that they leaped to become the industry leader!"

"My God!"


In that instance, almost all the company owners' eyes lit up. In their eyes, Yi Lan Investment Group was a huge gold mine!

Furthermore, Yi Lan Investment Group had just started up and was looking for investment partners, so it was the best time to befriend him.

Instantly, many people quickly walked up to him with the intention of getting a piece of the gold mine.

Of course, it was a taboo to rashly walk up at such an occassion. They needed someone to introduce them according to etiquette, thus the CEO of Mingyuan Technology, Cui Mingyuan, was suddenly very busy. Of course, even then, he still felt very honored that he could invite such a famous man to attend his event, and his chubby face was delighted.

He had just been trying his luck with the invitation. He thought that he would definitely not accept it, so he did not tell anyone about this, but who would have thought that he had really come? He was really overwhelmed by this.

Yi Lan Investment Group had invested in quite a few startups the moment they settled in the country, and all of them had performed greatly. The upper-class circle in Imperial had long heard about this young legendary CEO, but sadly this person moved around with elusiveness and it was incredibly difficult to meet him. Now that they had been presented with such a great opportunity, all the guests would, of course, rush to grab their chance.

Even Ning Yaohua and Zhuang Lingyu instantly forgot about Ning Xi. They went around to look for someone to introduce them to him.

As for Ning Xi...well, after she was sure it was Yun Shen, she had been racking her brain for ways to sneak away.

She was not clear about things within the business industry and she had only heard of Yi Lan Investment Group once in a while, but she would never have thought that the CEO of this company would be Yun Shen!

She thought that this guy was just temporarily back in the country, but it looked like he was obviously moving his operations back here...