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1295 You“re Too Cool

Chapter 1295: You're Too Cool
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Lu Tingxiao did not stay any longer because he had a meeting soon, plus he did not want to disrupt her work, so he got up and left midway through the audition.

Lu Jingli thought about how he could not ask Xiao Xi Xi anything at the moment anyway, so he left as well.

"Bro, don't you want to see Xiao Xi Xi change into her female outfit?" Lu Jingli followed after him and asked.

Lu Tingxiao shot him a look from the side. "Like I've never seen her in it before?"

Lu Jingli nodded like a chicken pecking on rice grains and said, "Oh, yes, you have! You've seen Xiao Xi Xi in every shape and form. In fact, you get to see her however you want, in whatever form, unlike those inexperienced punks!"


Inside the changing room, Ye Ying brought out the outfit that had been prepared for Ning Xi, and there was also a makeup set ready.

"Bro Xi, do you need me to call the makeup artist over?"

"No, it's fine. I'll do it myself," Ning Xi said as she took off her jacket, then unbuttoned her collar.

Ye Ying's heart randomly skipped a beat. "Well...well, then I'll go out first! Please change. Call me if you need anything!"

"Okay." Ning Xi nodded and unbuttoned the second button, revealing her fair collarbones and the indistinct trace of a white cloth binding her chest.

Ye Ying quickly turned around and rushed out, even staggering and almost tripping on the way out.

Outside the entrance, Jiang Muye's mouth twitched when he saw Ye Ying blushing. This punk, what did she do to this girl again?

Actually, Ning Xi had really been innocent this time; she had not been extraordinarily nice or anything...

Mm hmm, she really did not do anything!

When Ning Xi was changing and putting on her makeup inside, the few of them outside started chatting as they waited.

Qin Ran read through the script, "Innocent...naive and adorable...and even obedient? This character is far too different from what Ning Xi really is. They must be joking!"

Han Yucheng agreed. Based on Ning Xi's image in a female outfit, she was practically on the level of the nation's queen!

As for her in a male outfit, all of them had just experienced it, so there was no further explanation needed.

Luo Fan was from Starlight Entertainment, and he had bumped into her quite a few times when she was still with Starlight, so he was not very curious about Ning Xi in her female look. Instead, he was chatting away with the Director.

Li Lekai was staring at Mo Yuxiu, still apparently angry. However, he noticed that the guy was distracted, seeming impatient and absent-minded.

Moments later, the door to the changing room opened from the inside. Everyone subconsciously looked up at the door.

At the entrance of the changing room, a radiant, red-lipped beauty stepped out, her pair of clear eyes sparkling as her white off-shoulder dress hugged her figure intimately. Her hair fell beautifully on her shoulders, and she balanced confidently in pink stilettos. There was a simple yet refreshing vibe to her. She was incredibly breathtakingly beautiful.

The girl's expression seemed introverted, serene, and shy. She looked extraordinarily innocent, lovely, and obedient, making one feel protective of her.

"Whoa!" Qin Ran dropped the script onto the floor, his mouth gaping open.

Jiang Muye guffawed. She was tricking people again!

Han Yucheng was dumbstruck. "This..."

Li Lekai rubbed his eyes hard, and even Luo Fan was stunned as well...

Mo Yuxiu immediately stood up and his gaze was fixed on the girl.

"Shoot! You're...you're really Ning Xi! Way cool! How did you do this? Could this be a different person?" Qin Ran ran over and circled Ning Xi a few times in disbelief.