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1292 Ning Xi Stole His Woman?

Chapter 1292: Ning Xi Stole His Woman?
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Ning Xi's flexibility was impressive. She avoided Mo Yuxiu's attack by bending herself backwards. Still, Mo Yuxiu did not stop. Ning Xi did not want to hurt him, so she just kept a defensive stance.

Everyone was confused at this sight.

Why was Mo Yuxiu looking for trouble?

What was happening?

Qin Ran stroked his chin. "Mmm, could it be like Li Lekai, Ning Xi was cuckolded by Mo Yuxiu?"

Han Yuncheng rolled his eyes. "If that's how it is, Ning Xi should be the one asking for a fight. Moreover, Ning Xi's a woman, alright?!"

"Oh, I almost forgot...then could it be, Ning Xi stole Mo Yuxiu's woman instead?"

Ning Xi was pretty popular with the ladies after all.

Han Yuncheng looked at him like he was an idiot. "Do you think Mo Yuxiu would care about his women sleeping around?"

"Nope." Qin Ran shook his head.

He did not care about what his women did. He was just fooling around after all, so it did not matter who his women slept with.

Not only Qin Ran, even Li Lekai was full of doubts as well, but at the same time, he also hoped that Mo Yuxiu would be beaten up. However, Ning Xi was still a woman, and they thought that there would be a vast difference in strength between them. It was already difficult enough for her to defend herself.

Mai Huaian did not expect them to get in a fight, and he was shocked. "Yuxiu...Ning Xi...stop! We can discuss this further! You don't have to…"

Mo Yuxiu ignored what he said, becoming angrier as Ning Xi was just defending herself and not reacting. He launched more and more ferocious attacks.

If the fight with Li Lekai just now was just all about mockery and provoking, this fight against Ning Xi now was an expression of his true rage. He glared at her as if she had done something unforgivable.

Ye Ying did not expect her idol to get into trouble again. There was Ning Xi to stop him earlier, but what about now!?

Everyone was worried that Ning Xi might be injured by this madman.

Only Jiang Muye sat there and looked around. Unfortunately, there was no popcorn around.

Ning Xi avoided Mo Yuxiu's attack as she whispered to him, "I'll continue with you after the audition!"

Mo Yuxiu ignored her. He did not want to wait. If he was willing to wait, he would not have started attacking her just now.

Bang! Some props fell from their fight, causing a loud noise.

Ning Xi could not stand him anymore, so she went on the offense. Mo Yuxiu's eyes looked even crazier as Ning Xi turned aggressive.

Everyone's expression changed when Ning Xi started attacking.

Qin Ran opened his eyes wide, clearly impressed. "This woman is the real deal!"

Han Yuncheng and even Luo Fan were a little excited. They were guys, after all, so of course, they would enjoy an exciting action scene.

But at the same time, they felt bad about themselves, knowing that Ning Xi was a woman.

As everyone was focused on Ning Xi and Mo Yuxiu, there were two sets of footsteps from behind.

Ye Ying realized it first and her face lost all color. "C-CEO Lu!"