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1287 Even If Bent Broken, It“s Nothing

Chapter 1287: Even If Bent Broken, It's Nothing
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Jiang Muye was astonished. He had to surrender to her now. "You're too cool! I surrender!"

Ning Xi stroked her chin. "Mo Yuxiu's one of those who received the highest-class treatment from me, but too bad that he's too much of a piece of trash."

Jiang Muye was trash as well. That was because he had been influenced by his upbringing, and was so popular. He could get anything easily and failed to appreciate most things instead.

He never cared and changed girlfriends at the speed of light. There was no such thing as "faithfulness unto death" in his principle, but at least, he was loyal and did not cheat whenever he was in a relationship.

On the other hand, Mo Yuxiu had zero moral compass and zilch proper human relationships. Cheating was common to him. He treated a girl's pain as his joy, and he especially liked naive and innocent girls. With that face of his, he ruined many girls. The number of girls who threatened to commit suicide for him could form a circle around the entire Imperial city. He was insane.

Forget about bending this person, even if he was bent broken, it meant nothing!

Jiang Muye was in a good mood as he rambled on, "Pfft, I thought the one with the highest-class treatment was me!"

"Now you know how sweet I am to you, don't you?"

"I do, I do! Hey, why isn't Mo Yuxiu here yet? I'm suddenly anticipating his expression for when he sees you later!" Jiang Muye was more than a little excited.


Speak of the devil and he appeared. Ye Ying pushed the door inwards with a wide smile. Behind her was a tall and lean man.

The man wore a custom-made Armani suit with huge shades on, and he had brown hair, while his obsidian stud earring shone ever so slightly. The instant he took off his shades, revealing his handsome Caucasian face, the man seemed to be looking for someone as his sharp gaze skimmed the entire room.

Three seconds later, it fixated on the "man" beside Jiang Muye. He looked incredibly troubled and it seemed like he was going to jump over and strangle someone anytime.

This reaction was not too far from Ning Xi's expectations.

After Ning Xi met the other person's gaze, she smiled wolfishly. It was so annoying that the man lost control and took a step forward, about to rush over.

Thankfully, he had some rationality and restrained himself. After all, if they had caused a ruckus here, the others would find out the embarrassing incident about him turning gay.

Ning Xi was probably fearless for this reason as well. Even though the situation was rather sticky, she would never be afraid of anyone else apart from her dearest.

After Mo Yuxiu took off his shades, Ye Ying stared stunned at his face. She almost forgot to speak, then she returned to her senses. "I'm sorry for letting everyone wait for so long. Yuxiu is late because he was stuck in a traffic jam! Let's all head to the audition venue now!"

Jiang Muye could not help but feel a little disappointed when Mo Yuxiu actually held back and there was no drama to watch. He lazily yawned and got up.

Qin Ran, Han Yucheng, and Luo Fan had gotten up too.

"Who're you trying to fool by saying there's a traffic jam at this hour?" The others chose to keep the peace, but Li Lekai was not easily fooled.

"Well..." Ye Ying trailed off awkwardly now.

"Director Ye, I've come because I trust your company, yet now you've invited this morally inferior piece of trash to shoot the commercial with us. Did you not think about how it could implicate all of our reputations, or worse still, the Lu Corporation's reputation?!" Li Lekai spoke strongly.

The moment Li Lekai finished, the room fell into an uncomfortable silence.

Ye Ying was about to smooth things over when Mo Yuxiu spoke nonchalantly, "Pfft, Li Lekai, I just slept with your woman! Do you really have to hold a grudge against me till now?"