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1249 It’s Not Over Ye

Chapter 1249: It’s Not Over Yet

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Ning Xi was waiting for her goodbye kiss, so she looked miserable. "My kiss!"

Lu Tingxiao pinched between his eyebrows and looked helpless.

Lu Jingli felt awkward. "Xiao Xi Xi, aren't you afraid that my brother will be locked up after he kisses you?"

As Lu Jingli was silently thanking the heavens that he did not need to see them display their affection for each other again, Ning Xi shrugged off her school jacket and kissed the man's lips intensely.

Lu Jingli stayed silent.

What a bold move!

It was not over yet.

After they were done, Lu Tingxiao turned over to him sternly. "Look after Ning Xi and the company."

Ning Xi and the company... Of course, he would prioritize his wife first!

As for him...haha…

After he sent Xiao Xi Xi back, he went straight to the office to take care of business.

Glory World Entertainment was meant to be a training ground for Lu Jingli, and now that it had become more and more successful, most of the matters were handled by the Vice President, Yi Xudong. Nevertheless, Lu Jingli was now shifting his focus back to the main office.

At a ribbon-cutting ceremony of a high-end brand, Zhao Meixin had just ended a call. She walked in jauntily. "Yimo, Director Ye from the Lu Corporation's Adverts Department just called me. He said there's no issue at all, so we can go and sign the contract in a few days!"

Su Yimo's contract with Lu Corporation had expired recently, and they were discussing the renewal of the contract.

Seeing how Ning Xi was so popular currently, Zhao Meixin could not just let Ling Zhizhi stay on top of her, so she had doubled the price for Su Yimo's contract fees.

Su Yimo actually smiled genuinely for once. "What did they say specifically? They really have no issues with you doubling the price?"

Zhao Meixing looked cheekily at her. "What are you saying, Yimo? How dare they say anything about it!? If I gave them any lower, it would be destroying your reputation! CEO Lu would never turn down your request!"

Liang Biqing said in excitement, "Cousin, CEO Lu really pampers you!"

Su Yimo blushed, but soon she looked bothered. "But it's been so long...and we've...never actually met each other alone…"

At first, she thought that Lu Tingxiao was being low-profile and as a way to protect her, she thought that this might be how he was conveying his feelings.

However, as a year passed, Lu Tingxiao had never requested to meet her, so she felt a little disappointed and insecure.

Liang Biqin comforted her, "Cousin, that's Lu Tingxiao. Of course, he'd be different than other men. I believe he has his own concerns and is trying to find the best time to publicize the relationship between you two!"

Zhao Meixin was worried that it might be a misunderstanding.

Still, it was true that the Lu Corporation was treating her exceptionally well. Su Yimo came from a normal family, hence it was impossible for her to be related to anyone from the Lu family. The only explanation was that Lu Tingxiao was into her…

Zhao Meixin spoke up, "Biqin's right! I heard the elders in the Lu family don't really like people in the entertainment industry, but CEO Lu is probably trying to convince them.