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1233 Don“t Overestimate My Self-Restrain

Chapter 1233: Don't Overestimate My Self-Restraint

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Coincidentally, it was a week-long national holiday the next day, so all of the major cinemas had given "Dream Chaser" the highest number of showtime allocations.

Given that it was the holiday season, plus the extremely high screening frequencies, and Ning Xi's Weibo posting's promotional effect, it could be said that everything was perfect.

On the third morning of the week, the box office numbers for "Dream Chaser" from the day before were revealed.

$ 802 million!

Just in one day, within 24 hours, the box office had achieved this stupefying number of $ 800 million and had broken the record of comedy king, Pang Xun's movie last year by a neck's length. "Joyful Occasion" had only reached $ 798 million!

In fact, the total box office sales of "Dream Chasers" had reached $ 1.8 billion at this point.

If they continued on with the current situation, it was not just the single day box office records that they would surpass, they might even be able to break the record for total box office sales.

When everyone had thought that $ 1 billion was the peak of their performance, the surge in the box office numbers practically shocked all of the media and industry people!

At the same time, just as Chen Mian had predicted, waves of people started to ask for Ning Xi to post herself in a female outfit on Weibo.

Even though Ning Xi was dressed as a man most of the time in the movie, something was deemed precious when it was rare. Not only were those few scenes in female outfits forgotten, on the contrary, it left a more impactful impression on the audience, especially when it was worshipped as a classic scene by a huge group of men.

Many of the male audience had at first been like Chen Hanchen and Qi Fang. Because of Ning Xi's skilled acting, they had completely forgotten that she was a woman. Realizing that she was so popular with the ladies, especially those with wives and girlfriends, they could not help but feel uneasy when they saw their other halves so charmed by Ning Xi.

However, when they went to watch the movie with them and saw the breathtaking beauty of the female lead when she returned to her original female state, all of them had become crazy fans of Ning Xi along with their wives.

In the past, couples would get jealous when one of them was chasing after a celebrity, but now that they liked the same idol at the same time, they were unusually harmonious and the eagerness to idolize Ning Xi had multiplied.

Early in the morning, Ning Xi's phone was about to explode with congratulatory messages, and of course, there was Chen Mian's reminder to prepare the reward.

Ning Xi had thought that even if they broke the record, it would not be so soon, yet who would have thought that it had only taken a day to achieve it? She quickly called the devil and planned for him to help her take pictures after he was done with work.

In the afternoon, after Lu Tingxiao came, Ning Xi quickly hopped over and massage his shoulders and back. "Big Boss, your pictures the last time were amazing! Director Chen told me that I must ask you to help me again this time!"

Lu Tingxiao shot her a side look, then asked, "This time you're going to take pictures in a female outfit?"

Ning Xi nodded. "Right, right! Big Boss, you're so smart!"

"I don't want to."

Ning Xi was speechless!

The devil had actually rejected her...

Ning Xi was instantly disappointed and she pouted. "Why?"

"I can't bear to."

When she heard this, Ning Xi almost choked on her own saliva and a long pause later, she cleared her throat. "But...weren't you fine with it the last time?"

"Do you think that if I could barely hold it in for you in a male outfit, I could restrain myself to see you in a female outfit too?" Lu Tingxiao said, then continued expressionlessly, "Don't overestimate my self-restraint."

Ning Xi was speechless again.

As she looked as Lu Tingxiao's adamant look, Ning Xi felt a headache coming on.

Did he really not want to help her take pictures just for this reason?