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1215 A Breathtaking Opening

Chapter 1215: A Breathtaking Opening

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Ning Xi could still understand why the couple and those two schoolgirls had picked this film, but she could not help but feel curious about the shrewdly dressed female in the row before them.

Such a person did not look like the type to watch youth comedy, though no one made the rule that they could not watch it either. Actually, with the current stress levels society faced, more and more people increasingly preferred to watch light-hearted movies.

The target market for their movie could actually be considered very broad; it was not limited to youth at all.

Ning Xi observed the two other pairs of audience The lovebirds sat in the right corner. The man did not look too interested in the movie. He was clearly just there to accompany his girlfriend, while the girl munched on her popcorn and looked absent-mindedly at the big screen. It seemed like she was not expecting much.

As for the two students sitting in the middle...

Hmm, they had brought a bunch of things to eat and drink. They were already eating non-stop before the movie began, looking more like they were here for a picnic than to watch a movie.

When the movie was about to start, two more people walked in. It was a man and a woman. The man was tall and wore shades and a mask. He was making his way towards the last row, while Ning Xi actually recognized the woman beside him...

It was Chen Hanchen's manager, Cheng Yanan.

Before this, Chen Hanchen had wanted to get Ning Xi to join Fashion Media and even gave her Chen Yanan's name card, but the devil had thrown it away.

There was no question that the man beside Chen Yanan must be Chen Hanchen.

Oh dear, who would have thought that I would bump into Chen Hanchen when watching his own movie premiere?

Crap! I cannot let him see that I'm with Lu Tingxiao...

Thankfully, Ning Xi and Lu Tingxiao's seat was located right at the side, so the duo did not even notice them and simply found a place to sit down in the last row.

Ning Xi leaned in to whisper into Lu Tingxiao's ear, "Lu Tingxiao, the two that walked in earlier... They look like Chen Hanchen and his manager..."

Lu Tingxiao grunted and nodded to say that he had seen them too.

Ning Xi covered her forehead in anxiety. "Jesus... There are only nine people in the audience and almost half of it is our own people..."

This really sucked.

She did not know what to say anymore.

Finally, the reel of advertisements ended and the movie began to play.

The first scene of the movie was the first time Ning Xi had acted with Chen Hanchen when she first displayed her power unto him.

Because this was the opening scene, it was very important and required the aura of both the actors to be on par, so they had shot it for an entire day. At that time, Chen Hanchen had been pranked thoroughly by her. At last, he had been annoyed with her about this until he saw her in a female outfit and had realized that she was actually a girl.

At this moment when she recalled the shoot, even though there had been some strife, it was quite nostalgic to think about it. All those scenes felt like it had just been yesterday. In a blink of an eye, this movie was already out in theatres.

The couple in front watched the screen absent-mindedly while the two students ate non-stop like two little squirrels, and the shrewd-looking lady hugged her arms and stayed unmoving...

With the sound of orchestra music, the screen faded into the scene of a dinner banquet. At the end of the spiraling staircase stood two men. One was dressed in black and the other in white, one in front and one at the back, one noble-looking while one looked relaxed, and both were slowly making their way down.

Halfway down, the man in front turned around and said something to the other young man. The scene closed in on the young man raising his brows ever so slightly, before smiling indistinctively at the other guy.

In that instance, bam! Akin to bedazzling fireworks, the audience's minds exploded with numbness at this scene...