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1214 Mysterious Audience

Chapter 1214: Mysterious Audience

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In the end, the couple bought tickets for "Dream Chaser".

As Ning Xi witnessed the whole process, she thought it was hilarious. "Haha, I didn't expect my face to attract a spectator like this…"

Lu Tingxiao caressed the girl's hair and assured, "It'll get popular."

Ning Xi giggled, "How are you more confident than I am? Hmm, Boss, are you thinking of doing anything behind the scenes?"

"There's no need to." Lu Tingxiao looked calm. "While money can manipulate the market, it can never change the market rules. Over-manipulating the market will cause a backlash."

Ning Xi seemed hesitant but then nodded continuously.

Hmm, she did not understand at all…

Still, she was impressed…

Ning Xi clung to the man's arms and smiled, "I don't know about the market. I only know that no matter how much manipulation is done, the spectators can see for themselves and they will decide the movie's fate!"

Lu Tingxiao gazed at the girl gently. "Exactly, you're bright."

"Hehe, it's all thanks to you, Boss."

After a short chat with Lu Tingxiao, Ning Xi's mood improved by a drastic amount. They went to buy popcorn and drinks before entering the cinema hall happily, enjoying their hard-earned date.

Before they went in, Ning Xi peeked into the cinema hall that was playing "I Only Like You" and noticed that about half the seats were occupied. It was pretty good considering it was a late night screening.

It was the third day of "I Only Like You" airing, and the Internet was already flooded with topics revolving around this movie. Whether good or bad, it was really popular.

Ning Xi actually followed its news closely. Unlike the tsunami-like amount of positive comments, the rating of the movie kept on plummeting in the following two days, which was quite common among low-quality productions.

Usually, the numbers would look good on the first day because of the production company's marketing, but after the audience watched and formed their own ratings, the movie would face its true trial. Something like that could not be faked. If you wanted to create fake ratings, it would be gravely criticized by the audience!

An hour ago, Ning Xi had checked the rating for the movie again. In just two days, it had dropped from 7.6 to 6.5, and many netizens had started criticizing it as well.

Nevertheless, the production company and cinema did not seem to mind at all. In recent years, everyone had become accustomed to criticisms. Although the audience would complain, they would still keep watching since most commercial films were of this level and there was nothing really better anyway.

Being criticized was not the worst thing that could happen. The worst thing would be no one caring enough to criticize. After all, critiques would still need to pay money to watch the movie.

Ning Xi and Lu Tingxiao sat in the last row, so they could see the whole cinema from there. Before the movie started, there were only seven people…

Aside from her and Lu Tingxiao, there was the couple from before, a pair of schoolgirls, and the other member of the audience was a lady in a champagne-colored dress. She looked about 30 years old and she had come alone. She sat right in front of Ning Xi and Lu Tingxiao.