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Chapter 1187: Furious
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Once Beings appeared, many of the reporters present immediately stood up as they were overwhelmed with emotions.

"My God! I thought that Black Religion was the pinnacle. Who would've thought...?"

"This...this is just mind-blowing!"

"What kind of aura could overcome this dress?"


Of course, among the praises, there were some doubts as well.

"But this was not designed by Spirit themselves... Didn't the announcer say so earlier? They especially hired another designer!"

"So what if it was a special feature? Did you think that History's Black Religion was designed by David himself? Even though he has been vague and let people misunderstand that it was his design, but it definitely isn't! They also invited an outsider to help!"

"Even though a designer's style can change, there are still boundaries and limitations. How could the same person have controlled such a huge span of variation? It's understandable for Spirit to hire an outsider! Besides, History did it first!"

"Speaking of which... Why do I think Black Religion's and Beings' styles are so similar?"

"No matter what, Spirit has really seized overwhelming victory this time!"

"Haha... Today has been a brilliant day, I have attention-grabbing headlines to write!"


As they watched Spirit's presenter introduce the piece on stage with lots of hype, and as she heard the media's endless admiring exclamations and praises, Ning Xueluo was furious!

What did they mean by similar style!?

That was designed by the same person!

That belonged to History!

Ning Xueluo took a deep breath and suppressed the bitterness in her throat. "Go...go report to the police. Say that Spirit has stolen our expensive highlight piece!"

David found it difficult and replied, "Boss, this...I'm afraid that's not right. Even though I don't know how Spirit did it, this dress had indeed been willingly given to them by Han Xiao..."

"So what?! All those gems, diamonds and jades on that dress, every thread on it are my money!" Ning Xueluo almost lost control and roared in a lowered voice.

"Boss, be softer..." David pulled Ning Xueluo to a corner. "Even though that's how we say it, but, Boss, Han Xiao did not take a single cent from Black Religion before. If we really are to account for the cost, our claims will be quite groundless. Besides, he didn't sign a contract with us. We also provided all those materials willingly to him..."

"Don't talk about Black Religion to me. Is there any meaning to a defeated design?" Ning Xueluo was raging at this point.

David obviously knew this too. "But it's already like this..."

"So, are you telling me to grin and bear it, to watch myself sew Spirit's trousseau for them?"

David was also irritated at this point. "Boss, obviously, I don't want that! But we really cannot mess with Han Xiao. If you don't believe me, then, Boss, please don't blame me for not reminding you when the consequences come!"

David spoke seriously. Ning Xueluo had also heard about Han Xiao's past from him. Even if she was about to explode to anger, she obviously did not dare to really do anything...

"David, listen to me. All of what's happening right now originated from your incompetence, so you know what you should do!" Ning Xueluo threw out her ultimatum.

David balled his hands behind his back into tight fists...

He did not finish using the designs he had stolen from Gong Shangze, but because it was limited in number, and he had previously used too much from not restraining himself, he would not simply use it if not for it being a critical time...

Unfortunately for him, now it looked like he really had to use a few of them...

At this point, every design he used would really be like cutting at his flesh...