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1147 Wanted To Be Someone Like Tha

Chapter 1147: Wanted To Be Someone Like That
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By the roadside, Zhuang Keer waited restlessly outside the car. She was only relieved when she saw Ning Xi walk out. She quickly walked up to her and called out, "Xiao Xi!"

"Let's go!" Ning Xi opened the car door for her and quickly helped Zhuang Keer in.

Zhuang Rongguang just quietly shrunk into the backseat of the car.

Zhuang Keer pulled Ning Xi's windbreaker closely around her and said worriedly, "If I go home like this and bump into the maids, it might be troublesome to explain..."

"Let's go to my place first."

"Mmm." Zhuang Keer nodded, her eyes teared up as she looked at the driving girl."Xiao Xi, I'm really sorry about tonight. In a moment of desperation, I just sent the message without thinking, then I started to worry that I would implicate you and something would happen. I have to bear the blame...I'm really sorry..."

Ning Xi looked at Zhuang Keer through the rearview mirror, her gaze no longer as murderous as it was in the warehouse. Her voice was gentle. "No need to be sorry. I'm very happy that at such a moment, the person you thought of was me."

As she looked at Ning Xi's gentle expression, Zhuang Keer felt an indescribable feeling. She took out a tissue and helped Ning Xi wipe off the blood splatter on her cheeks. "But...Ning Xi, how did you come so quickly?"

"I've been outstation for work these few days. I just got on a flight back to Imperial tonight and I saw your message on the way home from the airport. Thankfully, the cab was not too far away from you at that time."

Or else, if she had been a little later, she dared not to imagine what would have happened...

Zhuang Keer understood, then she looked worried again. "Xiao Xi, would this affect you or anything? After all, you have just..."

Ning Xi tilted her head and gave Zhuang Keer a look of assurance. "Trust my capabilities of erasing traces."

"Mmm." Zhuang Keer nodded, she had an unconditional trust in the person before her.

In the back seat, Zhuang Rongguang stared at Ning Xi with an absent-minded expression. His eyes...there was a certain yearning and longing that he had not noticed himself...

He wanted...wanted to be someone like this...

A person that others could rely on...

For the people around him to trust and rely on without reservations...

He wanted to be a real man...


Half an hour later, Ning Xi arrived outside her bungalow.

Inside the house, Ning Xi immediately found a clean set of clothes for Zhuang Keer. "Go and take a hot shower. Change out of your clothes."


After Zhuang Keer left to shower, Zhuang Rongguang stood in the living room at a loss. He thought that with Ning Xi's temperament, she would have berated him endlessly, and maybe even beat him up, so he was prepared to face it all.

At last, Ning Xi did not scold him. She did not even look at him as if he was invisible. He was being completely ignored.

Ning Xi's indifferent attitude made him feel even worse than being scolded or beaten up...

A while later, Zhuang Keer was done with her shower.

Ning Xi let Steamed Bun bring the first aid kit over, then called Zhuang Keer to sit down beside her, "Come here, let me look at your wounds."

Ning Xi just skimmed her body slightly and saw all the shocking signs of force on Zhuang Keer's wrists and neck. It was even starker on her pale white skin and this had yet to include the bruises under her clothes...