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1019 A Sudden Public Display Of Affection!

Chapter 1019: A Sudden Public Display Of Affection!
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Then, the cheater read all of Lu Jingli's moves; he always knew what Lu Jingli would try to do next, then reflected all his attacks and dominated him…

After countless attempts, Lu Jingli screamed, "Bro! Let me go! Let me go!"

From the way this man defeated him so naturally, it had to be his brother!

Ning Xi's mouth twitched and she shook her head. "I tried to stop you, yet you chose to learn it the hard way!"

Little Treasure had found out about Ke Mingyu actually being Lu Tingxiao through his own unique observation skills while Ning Xi realized it from his aura and Little Treasure's reaction, and Lu Jingli…

He had to find out after getting beaten up...

Lu Jingli rubbed his wrists, panting, "When did you bother to stop me?! Couldn't you just tell me that he's my brother?"

Ning Xi rolled her eyes at him. "The moment I started talking, you yelled back at me. I didn't even have a chance!"

Lu Jingli had a big heart and totally forgot about being beaten by his brother already as he circled him excitedly, "It's so real, so natural! If I wasn't smart enough, I might've been fooled by it!"

Ning Xi was speechless.

How was he smart? He only realized it after getting beaten up!

Lu Jingli's expression turned cold all of a sudden. In a solemn tone, he asked Lu Tingxiao, "Bro, why are you disguised like this? Are you working on some urgent and important matter that can't be found out by anyone?"

Lu Tingxiao thought about it. Lu Jingli was not far from the truth. "Mmm."

Lu Jingli became irate. "What is it? Why do you always keep secrets from me? Why don't you share with me?!"

"I can't share with you," replied Lu Tingxiao.

"How do you know I can't carry the burden with you!?"

"I went to shoot a movie with your sister-in-law."

Lu Jingli went quiet…

His mind reacted about 10 seconds later.

So, his brother had spent so much effort and time, and the so-called urgent and important matter...was to act in a movie with Ning Xi?

What a sudden public display of affection!

Lu Jingli covered his chest with a painful expression. "If I die someday...it must be because of the both of you! Bastard, no wonder you've been missing lately! I thought you were working on something important but here you are dating! I even stayed up late to take care of some work for you, I'm all exhausted!"

"Well, Uncle...are you guys having hot pot for dinner? May I join?" The voice of someone, who had clearly just woken up, appeared from behind them.

The smell of the hot pot was strong and he could even smell it from his place opposite. Jiang Muye had crawled out of his bed and followed the aroma.

"There's nothing to eat now! It's all gone!" Lu Jingli then realized that something was not right. "Wait, brat, why are you so calm? You know...that he's your uncle?"

Lu Jingli was looking at the man beside Ning Xi.

"Yeah…" Jiang Muye nodded.

"Hey! Why am I the only one who didn't know!? This is unfair! Is this discrimination? But how did you know?" Lu Jingli asked.