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924 Practically Seducing Me

Chapter 924: Practically Seducing Me

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Jiang Muye's mouth twitched as he listened to Chen Mian's words and he looked at Ning Xi's speechless expression.

In the corner, Qi Fang had brought out a bag of sunflower seeds and was chewing on them as he watched the show.

Ji Yumeng looked worried. She was slightly concerned for Ning Xi and at the same time, confused. It was such an easy scene but why had Ning Xi done a bad take again? This was not right...

As she listened to Chen Mian's reminder, Ning Xi wiped her face and calmed herself down. "Director, I understand, let's do it again. I can definitely do it this time!"

"Okay, okay, one more time..." Chen Mian indicated for everyone to start again.

Under the sunlight, Ning Xi slowly opened her eyes.

"You're awake?"

One second...

Two seconds...

Three seconds...

Ning Xi was stunned again but she reacted in time and was about to continue with the dialogue. When the man saw her staring at him in surprise, he suddenly smiled and those charming eyes smiled too...

Well, that was it then.

Because of this smile, Ning Xi was thoroughly taken aback!

A bad take for the third time!

Ning Xi indicated that she was mentally tired.

Chen Mian cleared his throat. "Ning Xi, are you not feeling well today? I'll give everyone a ten-minute break!"

Then, he told all the crew members to rest and left Ning Xi alone to adjust herself.

Qi Fang sighed and shook his head, then said to Ji Yumeng, "This is your idol, Senior. Look, this is her real level of talent. Just one day and she has returned to her original form! It's such a simple scene, yet she has done a bad take three times. She can't even memorize the most simple dialogues! I thought she was so good but it turns out that she only knows how to act cool!"

"Senior is just not feeling too well today. Why are you gloating? You'd better worry about yourself! Later, you and Chen Hanchen have a kissing scene!" Ji Yumeng pointed out.

The moment she said that, Qi Fang's face instantly looked as black as the bottom of a pot and Chen Hanchen did not look too happy either...

That was right, the two of them did have a kissing scene today...

At that moment, Ning Xi was lying on the chair drearily.

Jiang Muye arrogantly stood above her and said condescendingly, "They just act quite similarly. Look at you! Can you not be so weak?"

Ning Xi was a little annoyed. "You don't know anything, you only blabber on. Was that only a little similar? I really thought that Lu Tingxiao had possessed his body! Especially when he smiled at me earlier...did you notice that? He was practically seducing me to make mistakes!"

"When did he smile? Are you hallucinating?" Jiang Muye was speechless.

Ning Xi indicated that she was mentally tired and did not want to speak. She thought that from that angle earlier, she was probably the only one who saw it...

"Is it really that similar?" Jiang Muye was an outsider after all, so he could not know how Ning Xi felt. However, based on her reaction, he must have seemed quite alike.

"It's not about his looks, it's just the feeling. I can't describe it to you...say, do you think that Ke Mingyu is actually Lu Tingxiao in disguise?"

Jiang Muye was speechless. "Did you read too many martial arts novels? What kind of disguise can someone use to that level? Do you really think there's such thing as a human skin mask?"

Ning Xi mumbled, "Who said there isn't...?"

Jiang Muye thought about it. "There's such a thing, but even if it was the world's highest level of face reconstruction skills from Hollywood's special effects team, they could not achieve this effect. I've looked quite closely. If it was a disguise, there's practically no flaws..."

Ning Xi touched her chin. "Pfft, Hollywood's special effects team is nothing...

The two chatted for a while and Ning Xi could not sit any longer, so she suddenly stood up. "No!"

"What's up with you?"

"I need to clarify the situation!" Ning Xi said as she made her way to Ke Mingyu.